javascript:void(0|Lights Out LIVE! is now in FULL effect! We added another 3 hours of scores to the station! Thanks to javascript:void(0|The Great Fritchoff we now are streaming soundtracks from movies like Silence Of The Lambs, The Last Of The Mohicans, Beetlejuice, Superman, The X-Men, Field Of Dreams, Gladiator, The Good Son, (yeah that's right, The Good Son!) & TONS...and I mean TONS of others!

In addition to having over 6 and a half hours of of movie soundtracks streaming right into your ears we also have set up a 56k version of the stream for you dial-upers! So now you can choose from a higher quality DSL/CABLE stream or a 56k stream! they both sound GREAT! Get into javascript:void(0|Lights Out LIVE!

In other Lights Out news we are currently finishing the post production on Episode 1 of Death's End which should be complete by the end of next week. We are also finishing up the final draft of Episode 2 and boy is it going to kick butt. Casting will begin next week for some new characters so if you live near Orange County, CA or are willing to make the journey to us, LET US KNOW and let us know fast! We've received quite a few inquired this week already for parts in the series. We're looking for people with acting experience and a love for horror. You know who you are. Come to us....

In movie news...

Early this week IGN posted a great update about an interview in Next Generation magazine with the director of the Resident Evil movie! I think this quote will say it best: "the main zombie in the film is a nine-foot-tall mutant with half its brain exposed and a long animatronic tongue." God damn I can't wait.

Movie Picture Attention Arnold fans! The {6} poster has hit the web! This sucker doesn't really give any insight into the flick but I see Arnold and I get excited. Not End of Days excited....more like Commando 2 excited. What are you feeling?

In other Arnold related news Ain't It Cool reported yesterday that Vin Diesel is confirmed for Terminator 3! for me this is good news since I can't seem to get excited about this movie without James Cameron attached. Vin Diesel is a superb actor and he will definitely lend a hand to the credibility of the film! Check out Ain't It Cool'srun down on the whole thing.

Movie PictureI haven't read too much about the new movie coming from Dreamworks called Time Machine, mainly because I want to keep it kind of a surprise when I see it, but after doing some browsing over at CHUD today I found that they had posted some VERY interesting pictures from the film. Creatures from the future? Who knows. Hopefully this movie will live up to the Dreamworks name and not disappoint us. Only "time" will tell. (Sorry, I had to) Take a glimpse into the future. Stay tuned...~Brian