Hello all. Lights Out is embarking into a new era of Entertainment reporting. We have recently made some upgrades to the site which have enabled us to bring you the latest news surrounding the entertainment world almost every single day! So keep your eyes and ears glued to Lights Out. There are gonna be some great things arriving very soon.

The Rental is kicking ass! We've had tons of downloads of this thing the past week and it's looks like it's not gonna slow down anytime soon! Hey you! You haven't watched it yet? You better check this thing out right now before you're friends start making fun of you!

Movie PictureThe new Mummy trailer is up on the movies official website. This movie looks like very promising eye candy, so if you haven't seen the new trailer yet, get on over to the {2}In Matrix news there are some strange thing that are happening over at the {3}. They have released a little quicktime movie called {4} which shows a 3D model of...who knows...a ship moving through the world of th real? Whatever it is it looks like it's gonna show up in the next movie. Definetly worth a {5}

A little bit of video game news. On the Japanese Konami site they are running a campaign to get people to register their names for "soldier naming" in Metal Gear Solid 2. If you would like to have a chance in getting your name to appear as a solidier in the final release of Metal Gear 2 then you better click HERE right away!

Talk about the new contest is coming soon as well as some tidbits on Lights Out's "Twilight's Wrath," "OCCA," and Some May Say's new music video!

Stay tuned...~Brian