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It's time to fire up those Quicktime plugins because we've re-rendered ALL of the Lights Out movies for all of you to enjoy! What does this mean for the non-techie geek? FASTER DOWNLOADS, BETTER QUALITY VISUALS, AND SUPREME STEREO SOUND for ALL of our great movies!

So get yourself to the FILMS section today and rediscover Lights Out films like PLANET OF THE PUGS, DEATH'S END, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, RUBY'S GIRL, and TRUCK GUY all over again!CLICK HERE

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That's right! Lights Out Entertainment is looking for some dedicated movie lovers who want to be editors/content providers to create news stories and develop other material for the ever growing empire that is Lights Out Entertainment! The only requirements are that you love movies and know how to write (HTML and/or Photoshop experience a plus, but not required)!

Help us become one of the GIANTS like Dark Horizons or Ain't It Cool!

Now, while these jobs don't pay anything, we will share all the benefits that come with running a movie FREE STUFF! And get to tell people that you're part of the entertainment industry as well!

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Front Page News Content Providers: We need people with different perspectives on Hollywood to submit different types of Hollywood news stories to Lights Out. Whether your your sources are from the web, magazines, or TV, we don't care...we just want you to write a story on it. Check out EVERYTHING in the news archive for an example.
  • Movie/Genre Specific Content Providers: We also need people to provide up to the minute news for Movie/Genre specific sections of Lights Out. We immediately need people to contribute to STAR WARS HYPE and the forthcoming LORD OF THE RINGS sections. These movies are huge, and with movies coming out in their respective sagas for the next 4 years, WE NEED PEOPLE to keep these sections up to date!

So, if you think you have what it takes, you love movies as much as we do, and you would like to be a part of the Lights Out team, use the form below and drop us a line! Got something else you'd like to do for the site? Drop us a line!

If you know someone who might be interested in anything we're asking for here, fill in the fields!

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You've always been the biggest movie geek on the block, in the chat room, and on the message board. Now it's time to show the world what you're really made of.

Stay Tuned...~Brian

Brian B. at Movieweb
Brian B.