Hello fine readers!

For the month of August Lights Out will be taking a slight deviation from the normal everyday occurences that go on here. Some of us here are needing to take a well deserved break and make attempt at doing something not so Hollywood. But fear not! Updates will still be very frequent as we will be having guest writers from other areas of Lights Out as well as from other sites come in and fill in for us while we're gone. Don't worry! You're in good hands!

Just as well, the reviews will still be being posted on a regular basis. The box office numbers will still get daily updates. The trailers will still get their daily updating treatment. The "Movie Gods" in the forums will remain alive a kickin, ranting and raving about all things cinematic, and of course javascript:;|Mushy will be giving 1 minute movie reviews well into the night! In fact everything will still be so regular that the only thing you'll really notice is a slight slow down in the news posted...that's it!

Big changes are in the works for Lights Out come September. So look out for TONS of movie related material coming to the site in the coming months!

If you have any problems or questions, please don't hesitate to drop us a line!