Last year, we showed you some unofficial photos of actor Daniel Day-Lewis on the set of Lincoln, the upcoming biopic directed by Steven Spielberg. Today, we have the first official photo of Daniel Day-Lewis as America's 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. Take a look at the Oscar-winning actor bearing an uncanny resemblance to Honest Abe, and read on for more details from Steven Spielberg.

Lincoln Photo 1

Since the first photo of the actor came from a local Virginia diner, many had wondered if the actor became too immersed in the role. Steven Spielberg revealed that Daniel Day-Lewis was always aware of his surroundings, although he did call the actor "Mr. President" on the set.

"Daniel was always conscious of his contemporary surroundings. Daniel never went into a fugue state. He did not channel Lincoln. All that stuff is just more about gossip than it is about technique. I was calling [all] the actors by their character names. That was something I felt was important to establish a little authenticity, maybe even more for me than for them."

The biopic is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin's non-fiction book Team of Rivals, and focuses on the last four months of the President's life. According to the director, the drama starts with his realization that the Emancipation Proclamation could have easily been overturned.

"The Emancipation Proclamation, the thing he is most known for, was simply a war powers act that would easily be struck down by any number of lawyers after the cessation of hostilities after the Civil War. He needed to abolish slavery by constitutional measure - and that's where we start."