The teen comedy about going from the luckiest girl in the world to the unluckiest. An interview with Lindsay Lohan, Bree Turner, Samaire Armstrong, Chris Pine and Donald Petrie

Snapping photos of celebs these days has unfortunately become a tabloid's dream come true. Is that a lucky thing or unlucky thing? People say, there's no such thing as 'bad publicity.'

You can ask Lindsay Lohan just that, and we did. In her new movie, Just My Luck, she plays Ashley Albright, a girl who's gotten every break possible - the best clothes, the cutest guys, and even a cushy PR job at one of the best fims in New York.

But Ashley's luck changes when she meets a boy, completely the opposite of her. Meet Jake Hardin (Chris Pine), a struggling bowling alley janitor; he's the manager of an up and coming band out of England called McFly. He sneaks into one of the hottest parties of the year, sees Ashley and kisses her; Ashley's magic fortunes go all to Jake.

We got a chance to talk to the cast of the movie, including Lindsay, Chris, Samaire Armstrong, Bree Turner, and director Donald Petrie. As Lindsay walked up to us, we noticed her leg was all wrapped up; it turns out she had a hairline fracture in her foot. She told us, "I slipped coming out of the shower, but on the film, I twisted my ankle when we were shooting in New York my right foot. And it's really ironic because the film's called Just My Luck. I was coming out of the shower yesterday morning and I slipped; I can't wear heels though, that's the bad thing."

Bree, added, "Cute flats, though." Lindsay replied, "Thanks!"

After that, our chat with the cast really took off. Here's the rest of our interview:

So do you think you're an unlucky person?

Lindsay Lohan: No, I think I'm very lucky; look at this cast.

No, unlucky because of the accidents you've been having.

Lindsay Lohan: Everyone has accidents.

Do you have a good luck charm?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah I do, my sister. This bracelet that I have on is a good luck charm.

Where is that from?

Lindsay Lohan: Kaviar and Kind on Sunset Boulevard; you can actually see it on the cover of W magazine. Yes, Meryl Streep, thank you very much. Everyone, I get good luck charms. Bree got me a really nice ring that I still have, I got her a good luck charm; thanks, sweetie.

Bree Turner: I actually have your bracelet on.

Lindsay Lohan: They were there when I got my first tattoo. I got 'La Bella Vita;' they said it was like 'the beautiful view.' It's on my lower back, which is really mean. It's for my grandfather; it means 'the beautiful life.'

What did you do to bond?

Samaire Armstrong: Remember, Lindsay, when we made a garage band?

Lindsay Lohan: Oh, we actually wrote a lot of music, beware

Where's this song going to end up?

Lindsay Lohan: We should do a DVD special and put our music on it.

Samaire Armstrong: We shopped online a lot.

Lindsay; we did buy out Urban Outfitters.

Samaire Armstrong: We did.

Bree Turner: Sa's like, 'I think I'm going to order a chandelier.'

Lindsay Lohan: It was fun because we decorated the trailers; it was like a sorority.

Did you choose this film because it had broader appeal than the more youth-oriented stuff you started with?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, it's kind of like a coming of age thing for me, and everything I'm doing after this. My characters are the same age, if not older; you can only act as if you're in high school for so long. It kind of was the perfect thing for me because it's not too dark of a film, so I can still keep the fan base that I've grown with. And it's a really lovely film. It's a romantic comedy, my first romantic comedy; I get to kiss Chris in it.

Chris Pine: She's pretty lucky.

Lindsay Lohan: Next thing I know I'm going to be dating you tomorrow. No, it's a great film for me; it still has a good message. I think that's important, and I still have the young audience to look out for. And this is acceptable for the younger audience and for people that are older than me. And I think it was hard for me to find that kind of film, so it was nice that I found it.

Ashley shelters herself from the real world a lot. Do you see fame like that?

Lindsay Lohan: Just in general, sheltering yourself? Yeah, well, not really; it depends on who your surround yourself with. If you surround yourself with people who are going to treat you as they would if you didn't have your pictures everywhere, then I don't think, no. I have a really great family and a great group of people. And I consider myself a pretty humble person; fame is fame.

How did you select or audition all the guys you had to kiss in the film?

Lindsay Lohan: We looked at pictures. One looked like Jack Berger from Sex and the City so we liked that.

Donald Petrie: There were times when I would even cast three or four guys and not tell the guys which one was the lucky guy. They didn't know going into the scene. I just said to Lindsay, 'Pick, pick.'

Lindsay Lohan: 'Pick,' like it was so comfortable.

Samaire Armstrong: I really liked that scene when you kissed the guy in the art gallery with the Heimlich?

Donald Petrie: You mean the heart attack.

Lindsay Lohan: We did it a second time, going into a studio to do it, so it was a double.

What about kissing all those guys?

Lindsay Lohan: It was uncomfortable because we were shooting in Central Park, and there were all these people lined up. And all these kids started kind of accumulating around where we were shooting. I'm standing there jogging next to this guy, and all of a sudden you see me sort of attack the guy and kiss him. I can't do this; I felt so uncomfortable. I actually got to the point where I was, 'Can I kiss him on his cheek and make it look like I'm kissing him?'

Donald Petrie: But you didn't; you 'kissed him' kissed him.

Lindsay Lohan: I wanted the realism in the scene to show through that I kissed him to get my luck back.

Did you choose A Prairie Home Companion to reach another audience?

Lindsay Lohan: Would you turn down a movie that Robert Altman was directing and Meryl Streep was playing your mother in? I wouldn't recommend it if you wouldn't say 'yes.' That movie, right after I finished this, even while I was finishing Just My Luck, we had started talking about A Prairie Home Companion. I wasn't aware of exactly what it was; I spoke to my grandmother about it and she kind of informed me what it was about. The movie was coming together, and then I heard Meryl Streep's name, then I heard Michelle Pfeiffer at one point, and then it finally just came together one day. They said, 'Ok, we're making the movie, and they want you to be Meryl Streep's daughter in it.' And my role kind of got bigger as we went along because I became friends with Garrison Keillor. It was amazing, and I would look at the call sheet and I would just see these actors that I didn't believe were coming onto the set every day. It was a wonderful experience and good experience for me as my first independent film. It was nice to be able to sing live, and it's just one of those movies where it's always nice to have to look back on. It's an amazing, monumental film and cast in it's own way.

You did a great job singing Frankie and Johnny; were you nervous about if you could pull it off?

Lindsay Lohan: Thank you, I was definitely nervous; everybody was that day on set. On that day they just happened to have to be there on the side of the stage. And I only rehearsed that song I think three times, and they kept changing it. I was nervous. But it was, we don't really have musicals that are done like this movie. And Robert Altman obviously has a way of kind of incorporating comedy and the darker side in films. It's kind of a creepy movie in its own way, but still it's really funny. But we're not talking about that movie or I'll keep going.

Did you keep or select any of your wardrobe on the movie?

Lindsay Lohan: After you wear it, day in and day out, you don't really want to keep it.

Was there any piece you liked before it got all dirty?

Lindsay Lohan: The white Versace jacket, the Dolce, I kept some stuff. We all kept some stuff.

Anything lucky or unlucky happen on set?

Lindsay Lohan: I sprained my ankle; that was very unlucky.

Did anything embarrassing happen on the set?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, we're put on the spot right now ...

Donald Petrie: I'll tell you one thing that scared the poop out of me. You can't make the movie without your cast. Lindsay is walking along with me on the street and turns a corner and walks smack dab into a glass wall. Just walks like that. I was going, "Oh, sh..!" I thought, 'Oh my G-d, a broken nose,' and she's laughing at me. She did it supposedly on purpose. And I said, 'Okay, that's going in the movie.'

Lindsay Lohan: I turn around, 'I'm an actress.'

When doing stuff like that, you know it's funny while you're doing it?

Lindsay Lohan: Well, yeah when I walked into a glass wall, I'd hoped that people would laugh. I put so much effort into it, G-d forbid something did happen with my luck. But I also want to point out that when we did the scene we were shooting all through the night, the washer/dryer scene was my favorite. I got a rash, I just remembered, from the bubbles. I started breaking out in hives all over from the soap.

Samaire Armstrong: It's because she's a redhead, sensitive redhead skin.

Did you have a double for any of the stunts?

Lindsay Lohan: I did have a stunt double, but I ended up doing it. For the scene, everyone was afraid on the set because I was wearing stilettos that I would hurt myself. In this particular scene where I'm in the bowling alley when I'm cleaning the floor, I'm waxing the floor. They didn't want me to do it because they were nervous, which they should be, but I actually ended up doing it.

Samaire Armstrong: You were this close to being hit, remember?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, it swung at my head, and the shot it so funny. Did you use that one in the movie?

Donald Petrie: That was great. Oh, yeah, you're ducking out of the way.

Bree Turner: That's not you doing the pins.

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah.

Bree Turner: That's you stuck in the pins?

Lindsay Lohan: Oh I remember shooting that. And the gum in my mouth? Yeah, that was me.

How many times did you have to fall in the mud?

Lindsay Lohan: We had a mud mask.

Donald Petrie: The first time, you were very, very nervous. It was like 'Nya ngya ngya.' But once you got in it, you were like, 'Can I do that again?'

Lindsay Lohan: : Then I started to feel like I was eating it. Donald was like, 'Let it go more in your mouth.' But it'd start falling down your face. I was like, 'I don't really feel like doing this again now.'

Donald Petrie: And like with the kitty litter. I walked up to you and I picked it up and ate it, just to show her that the kitty litter was, the litter itself was Grape Nuts and the little kitty was Tootsie Rolls, so it was completely edible.

Bree Turner: I still think it's vile. Even though I saw how you guys filmed that, I still cringe.

Lindsay Lohan: One of the greatest things that Bree did. I love how you said this line in the movie, when you look over you're just like, 'That's gross.' Deadpan, straight on; I think it's just a great moment.

Do you get more satisfaction from slapstick comedy or delivering funny lines?

Lindsay Lohan: I think slapstick comedy can seem more effective just because it's a visual of someone hurting himself; it can be funny sometimes.

You seem to really dive into it.

Lindsay Lohan: I feel that if I'm going to go for it, I'm going to go for it. At first it's always nerve-wracking, and then once you get comfortable with it, you realize, 'I want to make it as funny as I possibly can.' But I don't prefer one or the other. This is the first time that I really did a lot of physical comedy, and I really enjoyed it.

Anyone of you ever go to a Tarot card reading?

Chris Pine: I'm too scared.

Lindsay Lohan: I drive by the place so many times when in New York where we actually shot it, and we pass - it's an actual, I didn't know it was an actual ...

Donald Petrie: An actual place, yeah.

Bree Turner: About seven years ago, a fortuneteller scammed me out of $350.

Lindsay Lohan: That's a lot of money.

Bree Turner: Yeah, seven years ago, yeah.

Lindsay Lohan: I was 12; I was schizophrenic, playing twins.

You three ladies have strong women friends you can turn to?

Samaire Armstrong: Oh, heck yeah.

Lindsay Lohan: My friend's here, the one that I live with. Jessie. She was there when we were filming. Everybody, say - she hates being put on the spot; I'm going to hear this after.

Those relationships really important to you?

Lindsay Lohan: Oh, absolutely. Where are you without friends? I'm a girl's girl, No offense.

Chris Pine: None taken.

Chris, how was it to play the person who has to get saved, sort of the traditional woman's role?

Chris Pine: Yeah, well it's female empowerment.

Lindsay Lohan: Women are in control anyway.

Chris Pine: It was fun; my character is such a schlub at the beginning.

Samaire Armstrong: You dropped your pants like four times in the movie.

Chris Pine: I share my chicken legs all the time. Yeah, playing a schlub was fun.

Bree Turner: How was it picking up the sticky poo on the dollar?

Chris Pine: I got a chance to work with three really great, strong women and I had no problem with it at all. I have an older sister, a strong older sister and a strong mom, so I'm definitely used to that kind of figure in my life.

How much shopping did you do?

Lindsay Lohan: We got some good vintage shops in there though, and tried to get, remember we kept seeing the voodoo places. And Jacques Imo's was the place where we went to it; there is one in New York. I didn't know that; I mean, now I do.

Are you superstitious?

Lindsay Lohan: No hats on the table, hats on the bed and hats on the table. How come no one knows hats on the bed? I am psychotic when it comes to hats on the bed. For some reason, everyone puts a hat on my bed. It's the one thing; I need to keep a sign up in my room.

Samaire Armstrong: What's it supposed to mean?

Lindsay Lohan: It's bad luck; I didn't make it up. I don't know. I think that if I don? go by superstitions even when I leave the hat on the bed.

How hard was it to keep a straight face with Faizon Love?

Lindsay Lohan: He's really funny; I saw him recently actually in New York. He's hysterical.

What is next for you?

Lindsay Lohan: I think I have my life for the next two years planned out. I'm going into another film; I think it starts in two weeks. I'm going to be photographing, I think Carl Lagerfeld which is exciting, just whenever I find the time to go. I'm going to Paris to shoot him, that's fun; that's been a hobby. I have a bunch of other movies coming out so we're going to all the festivals for Bobby.

Is Bobby done?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, it's done; Harvey Weinstein took it.

Who do you play?

Lindsay Lohan: I play - she's actually based on a woman that inspired Emilio to write her into the movie. he went to write the script, and was staying at the only hotel, and he went to this hotel, and he walked in to go to check in, the woman noticed him, she said - her name is not Diane, but I'm Diane in this. She said can I ask what you're doing here? It's a random place for you to come. And he said I'm writing a movie, and she goes well can I ask what it's about or is it some big Hollywood secret? And he said no, it's about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. And the way he described it, she grabbed the desk, and she put her head down, and she looked up and tears were welling in her eyes, and she was like, I was there. It sounds crazy that she actually did this - she married I think it was probably three or four men, that she'd known in her life, so they didn't have to go to Vietnam, which was completely inappropriate, G-d forbid - women didn't have the right to kind of - they weren't allowed to say what they felt, it's not like it is now. And it's a nice character, and I have some great scenes in it, and the movie's beautiful.

Was it weird to do a film about a time period before you weren't alive?

Lindsay Lohan: No, I think it's actually a great thing for me. My sister was on the set a few times and she learned so much and she was actually learning about the assassination in school at the time. So I brought her, she came to visit me in L.A. and stayed with me for a few weeks. And she learned so much just being there and for me, for my younger fan base, I think it's kind of nice that I can try and draw my audience in so they can learn from that.

Who are most of your scenes with?

Lindsay Lohan: Sharon Stone, William H. Macy, Elijah Wood, that's really it. I know that Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins and I are going to go and promote it so that's an honor.

Are you modeling for Carl or shooting yourself?

Lindsay Lohan: I'm shooting him; I don't want to give too much detail on it. G-d, I'll get in trouble now. He just shot me for Interview as Clara Bow and as Elizabeth Taylor. But I'm going to shoot him for Interview now. Ingrid Sichy at Interview Magazine is a good friend of mine, so I've interviewed people for them.

You're interviewing? Is it like being on the other side asking questions?

Lindsay Lohan: It's scary; when I had to interview my friend, I was like, 'I just can't.' I just kept the tape recorder rolling and it was a great interview and they thanked me so much because I got everything out of him. And I just left it rolling and I was like, 'I don't know what to ask you; you're my friend.' It's so awkward putting someone on the spot like that. I felt bad, but he was great answering.

Is your next movie the modern day Cyrano story with Adrian Brody?

Lindsay Lohan: That's Speechless, no. First I'm doing Bill with Aaron Eckhart and I'm not sure if it's going to be Amanda Peet or Elizabeth Banks who's all in it.

What's the subject of the film?

Lindsay Lohan: It's kind of just a strange dry humor film and I play - I'm really excited to see him in the role. I mean, he's putting on some weight for the movie, I think. It seems like all the guys that I work with have to put on weight for the roles. Jared Leto just put on so many pounds for the character. I don't want to say too much about it but I starts it in two weeks and that shoots in St. Louis; it's only for two weeks.

How did you connect with that time and story of the Beatle's movie, Chapter 27?

Lindsay Lohan: I actually sat down with Yoko Ono a few times to talk to her about it because it's a very touchy subject. Just because John Lennon is a legend, was, G-d rest his soul. And I was actually really nervous going into it because I did get death threats and everything but the director I believe in and he's a good friend of mine. I saw a bit of - half of the movie, no music or anything. I've never seen a movie like that, while he was editing it and it really made me nervous. But I love my character in the movie and she's just such a genuine fan of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in the film and she's the light in the movie. She is like the Hitchcock blonde but I'm not blonde in it, but she reminds me of that. Jarrett Schaeffer is a great director and he's doing a great job with it and Jared Leto did a great job. And it was interesting to me. And I wanted to get the okay from Yoko and Sean.

Was that the reason to talk to her?

Lindsay Lohan: No, I'm friends with Sean; I just did his music video actually and we write music together and stuff.

What were your impressions of Yoko?

Lindsay Lohan: I nearly died; I walked in, we were wearing almost the same thing. I swear to G-d. We're both wearing all black because I was like I need to wear something that Yoko would. And we went and had sushi and she was so sweet and just amazing in the things that she had to say. My tattoo, the back story behind it is when her and John Lennon, one of the first times they met, and it says 'Breathe.' So I don't know, I just think the things that she's done are wonderful and John Lennon music is very inspirational as was hers, Ballad of John and Yoko is like my favorite song.

Anything coming up in music?

Lindsay Lohan: The Prairie Home Companion CD is coming out, the soundtrack of the movie.

You're on that?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, well, I sing in the movie, I don't know. I start filming Georgia Rule. And then I'm filming, I think maybe in Barcelona and then Speechless.

What drives you to work that hard?

Lindsay Lohan: You know what? They're independents so it's so much easier I feel. Seriously, it feels like a lot less pressure. I mean, there's not as much money so you shoot for a shorter amount of time. And just I really like just all the different characters. It's nice that I'm able to go travel and not be in New York or LA or places where I'm gonna see everyone that I know and focus on the work. It's experience and I want to have as much experience as I can; you only live once.

Did A Prairie Home Companion give you the indie bug?

Lindsay Lohan: I think it's just those are the projects that have caught my eye and I don't know, they're different. And the characters are all so different than anything I've done but I'm growing up. In Georgia Rule, my character, she plays this girl molested by her stepfather. And Garry Marshall's doing it and it's a dark comedy but I feel like people will always be judgmental but all of them have an arc and it's nice to play different people and kind of go into more mature rolls as I grow.

You mentioned rumors of your partying; who is spreading these if youre not there?

Lindsay Lohan: If you can find out? I mean, I don't know, it's their job; drama sells. If I've dated as many men as they say I have, then I'd be dead by now. Honestly, I would; but you come into this industry and you want that. You want to be written about to an extent obviously, but you're putting yourself on a place where people are going to put you on a pedestal. And sometimes they build you up to try and take you down but that teaches you to work harder and I'm in it because it's what I love to do. When I was four years old, my report didn't say, 'I want to be written about as going to Bungalow Eight every night and showing up to set late.' You learn, you live and you learn.

Can you fit into the same size as Sarah Jessica Parker?

Lindsay Lohan: Actually, I can because I used her tailor once. And I said, we were shooting the movie Just My Luck when I used her tailor for something, so yeah, I can.

Do you have favorite designers or brands?

Lindsay Lohan: A lot, honestly, a lot. I've just been doing all fashion shoots - Yves St. Laurent's collection this season I really like. I like Chanel; these are the typical ones, Tsumori Chisato.

Are you planning to buy things for spring?

Lindsay Lohan: Oh my G-d, if you saw my closet. I never need to shop again.

Do you give stuff away to friends?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, I like to collect a lot; I collect pieces, I really like fashion. I collect Hermes Bangles; I've got like a stack of them.

Did you have any favorite hangouts in New Orleans?

Lindsay Lohan: We were at the Windsor Court, my hotel room. I mean, everything was destroyed down there; we were actually really lucky. I heard the banging of the parades in my room. Jesus, we shot at a prison when the men were in there and I kept peeking behind the curtain because I didn't believe them. I felt very 'Johnny Cash'. Remember when I get punched? I actually did get hit; I did do my own stunts. I remember that, I did get hit.

Did you save souvenirs from the set?

Lindsay Lohan: I have so much stuff from the set. We went on a lot of road trips, too.

Where did you go?

Lindsay Lohan: Baton Rouge, good old times.

What music did you play in the car?

Lindsay Lohan: We played The Cure, we went to a college; I have that CD in my room!

You were on a road trip and nobody stopped you?

Samaire Armstrong: Well we had a limo. Lindsay told the driver we were the Spice Girls.

Lindsay Lohan: I did! I was Ginger Spice.

Who were you competing against?

Lindsay Lohan: We had a destination and then we had to go on set; that was a Monday.

What music do you like to work out to?

Lindsay Lohan: I don't like to run; Madonna, all Madonna, vintage Madonna. Andy, the guy who does my hair, he does Madonna's hair so he gives me all the tips and he gives me all the CDs and he gave me her record before it came out. I probably shouldn't say that. 38 Special; Arctic Monkeys is really good. This is one thing that I always do and people think I'm a little crazy; I just drop and do push ups. I'm always doing push ups; my friends can vouch for me because they said I had really skinny arms. And my brother used to make fun of me because I couldn't do push ups.

Samaire Armstrong: Are they girl push ups?

Lindsay Lohan: No; Justin Long when we were shooting Herbie, when he had to get hyped up in a scene, drops and does push ups and I'd be like, 'What are you doing? Ok, we know that you have good muscles, but it does work. It does get you pumped up.

What was the problem with the diner scene?

Lindsay Lohan: We had a lot of paparazzi and I had to freak out in the scene and shove bacon in my mouth. I was so nervous and Donald blocked it off.

Did you ever have a streak of bad luck like your character?

Lindsay Lohan: If I did, then I don't know about it. You have to go through highs and lows in life just to learn to appreciate things just as Ashley Albright in the film.

Will you keep your hair red for a while?

Lindsay Lohan: No, I promised a bunch of people from Fox when I went in for the meeting that for the publicity for the film I would go back to red, but I'm going to be red for the next film. I was strawberry blonde in Georgia Rule. I'll go back to dark soon; I don't want to wear wigs because then it's not - you don't feel like you're the person you're portraying.

Do you feel more like yourself with this color?

Lindsay Lohan: I don't know; my mom is so happy that I'm red.

She likes it better this way?

Lindsay Lohan: Well, it's her baby red head.

How do you feel about red? Is it different than other colors?

Lindsay Lohan: I don't care at this point; I'm comfortable in my own skin.

What is your beauty indulgence?

Lindsay Lohan: Fake tans. I met this woman recently when I did SNL. I wanted to go out. I felt really white and pale. I wanted to get a tan. Loren Michaels said, 'You're not leaving. I don't know if youre going to come back.' 'No, I'll be back, don't worry. No, we've already sent for someone.' So this woman shows up and she gives me this paper underpants to put on. No, it's fine I'll keep my shorts on and she takes out this whole set up and this bottle and she stands there like this and she sprays me. We're about to do the show and she says, it's going to get darker. What do you mean? How much darker is it going to get in the next hour and a half? You know, it's live. So we did the dress and by the end of the dress rehearsal Loren comes out and he says, We're wondering if we can do something about the tan. You look a little orange. You're the one who sent her here; I was so terrified. It washed off really nicely.

Would you do it again?

Lindsay Lohan: Yeah, I don't get out in the sun very much.

Did you like doing Saturday Night Live?

Lindsay Lohan: I love it; I plan to do it at least every year.

Did you get a call this week to be the Whitehouse spokesperson after that skit?

Lindsay Lohan: Oh! Did you see my face. I dont think I'd do a bad job.

It was a very fun interview for everyone; you could tell they were all really good friends.

Just My Luck opens in theaters May 12th; it's rated PG-13.