MTV caught up with Lindsay Lohan who announced her commitment to star as a mother in The Best Time of Our Lives.

The story revolves around Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, his wife Caitlin and the curious real-life incident in which childhood friend Vera Phillips (played by Keira Knightley) and her eventual husband William Killick opened fire on the Thomas home with a machine gun and a hand grenade.

"It's a beautiful and amazing movie - a piece [that] takes place at the time of World War II," Lohan said. "I have a child in the movie."

Written by Sharman Macdonald (Knightley's mother) and directed by John Maybury (The Jacket), the film explores the events that led up to the incident and its effect on the Thomas family - which moved soon after from its home in Wales.

While additional castmembers have not been announced, Lohan was visibly excited about working with Knightley - whose character Lohan described as having an enigmatic relationship with her own.

"[Keira] is older than me, but she kind of has a mysterious relationship with my lover," Lohan chirped. "And then there's somewhat of a lesbian undertone."

Thomas was one of the 20th century's most celebrated poets - as well as one of its most celebrated drinkers.