Lindsay Lohan has picked up a lead role in a holiday movie at Netflix that is reminding some fans of the movie Overboard. Though she's had sporadic acting gigs in recent years, Lohan most often shows up as herself on various reality shows on television. A new tweet posted by Netflix on Monday has revealed that the next big project for the former child star will be as the lead in a holiday romantic comedy, though her co-star hasn't yet been named.

"Lindsay Lohan will star in a new romantic comedy about a newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress who finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter after getting total amnesia in a skiing accident," the Netflix tweet reads, including a selfie taken by Lohan.

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The Netflix announcement hasn't exactly been met with the warmest response, as it's mostly drawn about endless comparisons to the classic comedy Overboard. Released in 1987, the movie starred real-life married couple Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Directed by Garry Marshall and written by Leslie Dixon, the movie was about an heiress who gets amnesia after falling overboard on a yacht, so a carpenter she had cheated convinces her they're husband and wife.

Considered to be a cult classic, Overboard was remade in 2018 by director Rob Greenberg, who co-wrote the script with original writer Leslie Dixon and Bob Fisher. This version featured Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez in roles similar to Hawn and Russell in the original movie. The Overboard reboot also switches things around by having Faris play a single mother who convinces a rich playboy that they're married when he suffers from amnesia.

Some fans can't help but think of the Overboard movies when reading the plot description for Lohan's holiday movie. One fan responded to the official announcement by writing, "Isn't this Overboard... Just on snow (or as some would call it.. frozen water?) I guess 3rd time is the charm..."

"Didn't they already remake Overboard?" tweets another fan, adding the official poster off the 1987 comedy.

"So, Overboard in the snow. Could have just said that," adds someone else.

There are others happy with the news and defending Lohan's casting, with one fan of The Parent Trap star writing, "People hating on Lindsay Lohan's Netflix movie having a generic plot similar to Overboard like they're not the same people watching 20 Fast & Furious sequels."

"The movie description is basically Goldie Hawn's Overboard but for Lindsay, I'll allow it, I'll see what's up," says another fan.

And another fan of Lohan's posted: "What I'm getting from this is that childhood queen Lindsay Lohan will be gracing our screens again which is the best news ever but here you all are bringing up the fact that it sounds very similar to the 90s movie Overboard. SO F*CKING WHAT???!!!!"

In any case, Netflix hasn't yet set a release date for Lohan's holiday comedy. No title has been revealed either, but it appears a lot of people will just be calling it Overboard 3. This news comes to us from Netflix.