Actress Lindsay Lohan will enter the adult entertainment realm for the lead role in a new biopic. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Lohan has been confirmed to star as porn star Linda Lovelace in the new film Inferno.

The site confirmed the news with the film's producer, Wali Razaqi, who said that the news will be officially announced later this month at the Cannes Film Festival, and it was also said that Lohan may be at the festival in person for the announcement.

"We've all thought that Lindsay would be a great choice for a while now, and we're all convinced that she is going to do it," Razaqi told the site. "For at least a year, the director [Matthew Wilder] and I have gone back and forth imagining how awesome of a performance she could give if she was in the movie."

The site also managed to confirm that actor Bill Pullman has also been cast in the film, playing Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. The film was said to delve into Lovelace's life, showing, "the difficult stuff she went through and overcame," said Razaqi.

"I would say it's probably one of the most challenging roles any actor could play -- and not because of the sexual content, necessarily -- but more because she was so battered and beat up emotionally, that I think it's gonna take everything Lindsay has to really be able to pull it off," Razaqi added. "Not that Lindsay's life is similar in any way -- but she's been through a lot of ups and downs. A lot of times you're loved and then you're hated, and I think she can relate to those emotions and feelings. One week she's the 'it' girl, and the next, she's the 'what are you doing?' girl."

We'll be sure to keep you posted on any further news regarding Inferno as soon as we have more information.