Act of Valor director Mike McCoy is in talks to direct Line of Sight for Warner Bros. We reported last August that Ben Affleck was in discussions to direct, produce, and star, but he has since stepped away from the project.

The story revolves around a highly-trained team of commandos who must deal with a widespread threat while on a mission transporting cargo. The story will be told in the same style of a first-person shooter video game. Peter O'Brien wrote the most recent draft of the screenplay, which is fitting since he is best known for writing the video game Halo: Reach for the XBox 360.

Joel Silver and Andrew Rona are producing for the studio. It is said that Mike McCoy was primarily chosen because of his approach to the material, giving it the look and feel of a big-budget action spectacle with a discounted price tag.

No production schedule was released at this time.