Linkin Park have taken to Facebook to release their episode of Carpool Karaoke and it's 24-minutes of hilarity with comedian Ken Jeong (Community, Role Models). The episode was posted with the blessing of the family of Chester Bennington and serves as a tribute to the late front man while also highlighting the One More Light Fund that the band set up in honor of Bennington. The One More Light Fund is a non-profit organization, with the mission of spreading more awareness on mental illness and suicide. 

The episode begins with Kim Jeong jokily announcing that it's his intension to join the band and change the name to Lin-Ken Park in honor of his name and suggests that they throw out band member and main songwriter Mike Shinoda. Shinoda and Joe Hahn are in the back seat while Jeong and Chester Bennington are in the front, with Bennington behind the wheel, cracking up at just about everything Kim Jeong says. "We'll see (if you can join the band)," Bennington said. "It feels like a band already. We're already fighting," Jeong retorted.

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After the comedic introduction, it was time to get to business. The new group sang their hearts out to Outkast's 2003 mega hit "Hey Ya." Bennington knows all of the words while Mike Shinoda seems to know the whole song like the back of his hand from the handclaps to humming the synth bass line. Next, they launch into Linkin Park's hit "Numb" and it should be noted that Ken Jeong has quite the set of pipes on him. In addition, the comedian seems to know all of the words and has stated to poke fun at Shinoda. Afterwards, Jeong asked Bennington about the origins of his scream and Bennington then taught Jeong how to sing/scream, or "scring."

"Lin-Ken" Park also sang to Linkin Park's "In the End" as well as "Talking to Myself" and then went straight into the Red Hot Chili Peppers' "Under the Bridge," which featured an impressive falsetto vocal from Chester Bennington. In between the songs, the group goofs around and Bennington admits to being into Dungeons and Dragons and also talked about a job that he had blowing leaves for $4 dollars an hour. After "Under the Bridge," the group hops on a party bus where Ken Jeong treats them to some sweet breakdancing and some more karaoke including Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama." The group definitely had a far better experience than the Foo Fighters did.

Chester Bennington died of suicide by hanging just 6 days after the Carpool Karaoke filming on July 20th. The episode is great way to remember Chester Bennington and his talents. In addition to his immense singing voice, the video also highlights that the front man was incredibly funny as well. You can check out the whole 24-minute episode of Carpool Karaoke featuring Linkin Park below, courtesy of the Linkin Park official Facebook page.