Disney's latest The Lion King TV spot features our first Beyoncé and Donald Glover duet tease. The duo take on Elton John and Tim Rice's iconic "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," and fans of both artists are probably going to want a lot more. The original song from the animated version is sung by Jason Weaver, who was handpicked by John to be the singing voice of Simba. Jonathan Taylor Thomas famously voiced the character for the speaking role.

The Lion King remake hits theaters next month and the 30-second TV spot featuring the first vocals from Beyoncé and Donald Glover is surely enough to get fans excited. The response to the remake has been divisive over the last several months, but Disney fans have been warming up to it lately and having new music from Glover and Beyoncé is going a long way in hyping the project. The recently released Aladdin remake was going through some of the same criticisms, but it has been a steady earner at the box office while getting positive reviews.

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Even with only a 30-second tease, it's easy to hear how well Beyoncé Knowles and Donald Glover harmonize together. Two popstars at the top of their game collaborating on a new version of one of Disney's biggest ever movies is pretty much a recipe for success. One has to wonder why the studio didn't come out of the gates swinging with "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," which might have been because it wasn't finished yet. With that being said, the hunt for the full-length version is officially on.

In addition to the new version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," The Lion King TV spot features the voice of James Earl Jones, who is reprising his role of Mufasa from the original animated movie. The combination of his voice with the beloved song in the background should do a lot to get Disney fans who were on the fence about the remake into theaters with their friends and family. It's a nice balance of nostalgia with something new brought to the table. Director Jon Favreau claims the remake won't be a carbon copy of the original, despite the way some of the promotional material looks.

The original rendition of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" won a Grammy, Oscar, and Golden Globe in 1995. Will The Lion King remake be able to get close to that kind of success? Having Beyoncé and Donald Glover on board is one way to help assure that happens when it comes time for award nominations. While we wait to see the movie, which hits theaters on July 19th, you can check out The Lion King TV spot below, thanks to the Beysus Knowles YouTube channel.