According to The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed indie film Crash will be released on video September 6, Lions Gate Entertainment is set to announce Monday.

The DVD ($28.98) will include an introduction and commentary by writer-director Paul Haggis as well a making of featurette and, tentatively, a music video.

Crash also marks Lions Gate's first day-and-date Universal Media Disc release, targeting the lucrative young-adult market that has embraced Sony's PlayStation Portable.

"This picture is truly a phenomenon, given that it started with a $9 million opening weekend and is projected to do more than $50 million, five times its opening gross," Lions Gate Entertainment president Steve Beeks said. "This just demonstrates how the public has really locked onto this picture. It has not only found an audience but worked its way into common, everyday vernacular. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking about this picture."