Lil' Pimp: According to Variety, Lil' Pimp represented a lot of firsts when it went into production as a feature: It was Revolution Studios' first toon, its first Web pickup ("Pimp" began as a series on and the first feature to be animated entirely in Flash, the Internet standard.

Pic was made for less than $10 million and skedded to bow in theaters in summer '03, but the tale-- about a 9-year-old who hangs out with "pimps and hos" -- proved so edgy that Revolution first slated it for video, then shelved it altogether.

But "Pimp" is getting a second chance to find an aud, courtesy of Lions Gate. Company feels the title fits its core audience of young urban males.

In one way, "Pimp" has come full circle: Lions Gate will rely on an viral marketing campaign on the Web to sell it.