Black Widow: According to IGN FilmForce, Lions

Gate Entertainment is wasting no time in setting up

its latest Marvel Comics film adaptation, Black Widow.

We've been able to confirm that X-Men screenwriter David Hayter is in the early stages of negotiations to write and direct the espionage thriller.

Our source advised us that fans can expect Black Widow to be a "low budget" project set during the Cold War, which is in keeping with the Marvel character's comic book roots.

Hayter's reps confirmed that he's in talks for the project but that "no deal" has been made yet and that Black Widow is "pretty far off" in the making.

Black Widow would mark Hayter's feature film directing debut unless, of course, he finally makes Watchmen first.

The Marvel Directory reminds us that, after the death of her husband, the KGB trained Natasha Romanoff "to become the spy known as the Black Widow." She later "offered her services to SHIELD, which has made use of her talents on numerous occasions." Black Widow often tangled with Iron Man, and has been involved with both Daredevil and Hawkeye.