Lionsgate has plans to develop a horror pitch by filmmakers Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard titled Peekers. The film will be based on a short story written by novelist Kealan Patrick Burke.

The project will tell the story of a horrified man that walks into a police station reporting that his neighbors are missing. He is convinced that evil grinning doppelgangers are responsible. After he disappears from a locked interrogation room, a young female officer realizes what is happening and rushes to find her son and get him to safety.

Mike Flanagan and Jeff Howard are currently working on Oculus, which is another horror project being produced by Relativity and Blumhouse. Katee Sackhoff, Karen Gillan and Brenton Thwaites will star.

Kealan Patrick Burke is an award-winning Irish author whose works include Currency of Souls and The Hides (Bram Stoker Award nominee), the novellas The Turtle Boy (Bram Stoker Award Winner, 2004) and Vessels, and the collection Ravenous Ghosts.

Lawrence Grey will be producing. No production schedule has been released. Casting has not been announced as of yet.