Lionsgate is turning up the heat as they announce their May DVD lineup.

May 1

Happily N'Ever After:

Featuring a talented cast of voices including Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr., George Carlin, Sigourney Weaver and others, the film explores what happens to the inhabitants of FairyLand when "tried and true" stories are thrown out of whack and the fate of 'happily ever after' hangs in the balance. In keeping with the film's theme of alternate endings, the DVD features customized menus allowing viewers to pick whether to get good or evil menu screens based on their responses to a series of multiple-choice questions. The menus are all also hosted by the film's breakthrough new characters- Mambo & Monk- who provide side-splitting color commentary throughout the menus and the games. Both the DVD and Blu-ray disc cast a spell with a full slate of special features including - most appropriately, an alternate ending, 7 deleted scenes, over 40 minutes of featurettes, audio commentary, interactive games and more!

Pricing: DVD $28.98; Blu-ray Disc: $39.99

Envy Girls: Workouts for the Spots That Really Count:

From the producers of the top-selling Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease and celebrity trainer Michael Carson, this brand new collection of workouts targets the spots that really count: Abs, Legs, Buns and Arms. Each DVD in the Envy Girls 4-disc series focuses on a single body part and features a different Envy Girl - including 2006 Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco. The workouts include a Warm-Up, a 20-minute Primary Workout that shapes and slims for a stunning physique, and a 5-minute Quick Fix routine for body maintenance. Each DVD also contains special features, including trainer commentary and workout tips.

Pricing: DVD $29.98 (4-disc set)

Will & Grace: Season Six:

Everyone's favorite foursome is back with the DVD release of Will & Grace: Season Six. Winner of 16 Emmy Awards®, "Will & Grace" has become one of television's greatest comedies and all 24 episodes of the sixth season are now available in one DVD collection. Follow the hilarious escapades of Will, Grace, Karen and Jack through favorite episodes such as "Dames at Sea," "Nice in White Satin," "Strangers with Candice," "No Sex 'N' the City" and "Oh, No, You Di-in't." This season also features guest appearances by some of entertainment's biggest names including Harry Connick, Jr., John Cleese, Dylan McDermott, Jack Black, Candice Bergen, Barry Manilow, Minnie Driver, Geena Davis, Bobby Cannavale, Chloë Sevigny, Jennifer Lopez and many more! DVD special features include season 6 outtake reels and exclusively produced themed featurettes.

Pricing: DVD $44.98 (4-disc set)

Van Damme Triple Feature:

Jean-Claude Van Damme is back in not one, not two, but three of his most popular, action-packed movies in one collection with the release of the Van Damme Triple Feature. This special 3-disc set contains Kickboxer, Replicant and Universal Soldier.

Pricing: DVD $19.98

Tower of the Firstborn:

Somewhere in a mountainous stronghold of the Sahara lies a treasure more valuable than diamonds or gold: the Tower of the Firstborn. According to ancient records, the Tower holds the key to great wisdom, which archaeologist John Shannon (Peter Weller) and his brother Michael (Ben Cross) have always dreamed of attaining. But Michael has become John's most embittered enemy, so when John vanishes in the Sahara, his daughter Diane (Ione Skye) sets out to find him. She is not alone, however; armed soldiers, sheiks, even her own uncle Michael are all hot on John's trail as he continues his quest for the legendary Tower that could explain the secrets of space and time forever. Featuring music by Ennio Morricone, Academy Award®-winning composer of The Mission, Tower of the Firstborn is an epic adventure in the action-packed vein of Sahara, National Treasure and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Pricing: DVD $26.98

May 8

Deliver Us from Evil:

A riveting and compelling film, Deliver Us from Evil recounts the actions of Father Oliver O'Grady as he moves from one parish to another in Northern California, beginning in the 1970s, quickly winning the trust and respect of each community. Unbeknownst to them, O'Grady was a dangerously active pedophile who abused countless children under the protection of church hierarchy who were aware of his predilection. First-time director Amy Berg expertly gives an unsettling look into O'Grady's life through an in-depth interview with him as well as recalling the tragic stories of his victims, which are nothing short of heartbreaking. DVD special features include audio commentary with director Amy Berg and producer Matthew Cooke, over 25 minutes of deleted scenes with optional commentary from director Amy Berg and producer Matthew Cooke, alternate ending with optional commentary from director Amy Berg and producer Matthew Cooke and Bible Vs. Church with optional commentary from director Amy Berg and producer Matthew Cooke.

Pricing: DVD $27.98

Dirty Dancing:

The Oscar®-winning film, Dirty Dancing, starring Jennifer Grey as "Baby" Houseman and Patrick Swayze as the sexy Johnny Castle, includes new special features highlighted by Patrick Swayze's first-ever DVD participation with the new filmed interview "Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze." In addition, the 2-disc set contains deleted and alternate scenes, original screen tests, outtakes, a tribute to Jerry Orbach and much more. Also, the Blu-ray version of the film will also include a multi-voice audio commentary, a Dirty Dancing Pop-up Trivia Track, 6.1 PCM uncompressed audio and the special features are presented in High Definition.

Pricing: DVD $19.98; Blu-ray disc: $29.99

John Wayne Double Features, John Wayne Gift Set - War/Action/Drama and John Wayne Gift Set - Westerns:

John Wayne has become one of America's true film legends and these DVD collections, which feature some of his best films including Rio Grande, Sands of Iwo Jima, The Quiet Man and Flying Tigers, are a must-have for any movie fan. All of the films have been digitally re-mastered and include an assortment of special features. The DVD sets will be available this May in new collectible packaging for the great low price of $14.98 each for the Double Features and $24.98 each for the Gift Sets.

John Wayne Double Features:

The John Wayne Double Features are six DVD sets featuring two of John Wayne's most famous films packaged together in one amaray case. The sets include Sands of Iwo Jima and Flying Tigers; Flame of Barbary Coast and Santa Fe Stampede; Westward Ho and The Fighting Kentuckian; The Fighting Seabees and Wake of the Red Witch; Dark Command and A Lady Takes a Chance; and Dakota and In Old California.

Sands of Iwo Jima:

Marine sergeant John Stryker seems a martinet and a bully as he trains young Marines for combat in the Pacific war. In the end, as survival in the bloody battle of Iwo Jima depends on the lessons Stryker has drilled into them, his troops discover why he was so hard on them. DVD special features include "The Making of Sands of Iwo Jima" featurette hosted by Leonard Maltin and the original theatrical trailer.

Flying Tigers:

Jim Gordon commands a unit of the famed Flying Tigers, the American Volunteer Group, which fought the Japanese in China before America's entry into World War II. Gordon must send his outnumbered band of fighter pilots out against overwhelming odds while juggling the disparate personalities and problems of his fellow flyers.

Flame of Barbary Coast:

Montana cowboy Duke Fergus travels to San Francisco to collect a debt from Tito Morell who runs a place on the dodgy Barbary Coast. Though he heads home after losing the money to Morell's card-sharking, Duke takes a crash course on card play and returns with all his savings ready to take on Morell and start up his own place.

Santa Fe Stampede:

The Mesquiteers capture a horse thief who escapes justice through a crooked judge. They gather signatures urging the governor to investigate, but soon thereafter, the friend with the petition is murdered.

Westward Ho:

As a youngster, John Wyatt saw his parents killed and his brother kidnapped. On a wagon train heading west, he meets his brother who is now a spy for the gang which originally did the dirty work.

The Fighting Kentuckian:

In Alabama in 1818, Kentucky militiaman John Breen falls in love with a French exile and discovers a plot to steal the land her fellow exiles plan to settle on. DVD special features include behind-the-scenes photos and production notes.

The Fighting Seabees:

Construction workers in World War II in the Pacific are needed to build military sites, but the work is dangerous and they doubt the ability of the Navy to protect them. DVD special features include production notes and cast and crew info.

Wake of the Red Witch:

Captain Ralls fights Dutch shipping magnate Mayrant Sidneye for the woman he loves, Angelique Desaix, and for a fortune in gold aboard the Red Witch.

Dark Command:

Cowpoke Bob Seton becomes a rival for William Cantrell's girl and for the sheriff's job Cantrell covets. When Seton wins both, Cantrell forsakes his respected position as schoolteacher and leads a band of renegades through Kansas, looting and destroying, all in the name of the Confederacy.

A Lady Takes a Chance:

A city girl on a bus tour of the West encounters a handsome rodeo cowboy who helps her forget her simple city suitors.


In 1871, professional gambler John Devlin elopes with Sandra "Sandy" Poli, daughter of Marko Poli, an immigrant who has risen to railroad tycoon. Sandy, knowing that the railroad is to be extended into Dakota, plans to use their $20,000 nest egg to buy land options to sell to the railroad at a profit.

In Old California:

Boston pharmacist Tom Craig comes to Sacramento, where he runs afoul of local political boss Britt Dawson, who exacts protection payment from the citizenry. Dawson frames Craig with poisoned medicine, but Craig redeems himself during a Gold Rush epidemic.

John Wayne Gift Set - War/Action/Drama:

The John Wayne Gift Set - War/Action/Drama features four of Wayne's best films in one DVD package including The Quiet Man Collector's Edition, Flying Tigers, Wake of the Red Witch and Sands of Iwo Jima.

The Quiet Man Collector's Edition:

Sean Thornton has returned from America to reclaim his homestead and escape his past. Sean's eye is caught by Mary Kate Danaher, a beautiful but poor maiden, and younger sister of ill-tempered "Red" Will Danaher. A riotous relationship forms between Sean and Mary Kate, punctuated by Will's pugnacious attempts to keep them apart. DVD special features include audio commentary with actress Maureen O'Hara, "The Joy of Ireland" documentary with Maureen O'Hara, "Remembering The Quiet Man" montage featuring classic scene work, fights, stunts and romantic moments, "The Making of The Quiet Man Collector's Edition" featurette hosted by Leonard Maltin, cast, crew and production information and trailers.

Flying Tigers, Wake of the Red Witch and Sands of Iwo Jima: see synopses under John Wayne Double Features.

John Wayne Gift Set - Westerns:

The John Wayne Gift Set - Westerns features four of Wayne's best films in one DVD package including Rio Grande Collector's Edition, A Lady Takes a Chance, The Fighting Kentuckian and Dakota.

Rio Grande Collector's Edition:

Union officer Kirby Yorke is in charge of an outpost on the Rio Grande where he trains new recruits, one of which is his son whom he hasn't seen in 15 years. He whips him into shape to take on the Apaches, but not before his mother shows up to take him home. DVD special features include scene specific audio commentary with actress Maureen O'Hara, "Along the Rio Grande with Maureen O'Hara" mini-documentary and "The Making of Rio Grande" featurette hosted by Leonard Maltin.

A Lady Takes a Chance, The Fighting Kentuckian and Dakota: see synopses under John Wayne Double Features.

You and Your Stupid Mate:

Jeffrey and Philip have been best friends since childhood. In fact, they never really left childhood. Happily unemployed and living in a suburban trailer park, they manage to avoid real work and spend their time surfing the web or rehearsing for a career in showbiz. However, their way of life becomes seriously threatened when their unemployment is revoked and they learn that their favorite soap opera, "Sons of Surf" will be cancelled. When they catch wind that the show and its beautiful star may be lost forever, the pair embarks on a hilarious journey to save what's most important.

Pricing: DVD $26.98

May 15

Curse of the Zodiac:

Horror director Ulli Lommel (BTK Killer) is back with the true-life thriller Curse of the Zodiac, inspired by the true story of the serial killer who terrorized Northern California during the sixties and seventies. His use of cryptic symbols and coded messages fueled the police and media frenzy and made his murderous actions one of America's most notorious unsolved cases. DVD special features include audio commentary with director Ulli Lommel, producer Nola Roeper and associate editor Christian Behm, bonus footage and stills gallery.

Pricing: DVD $26.98

The Perfect Marriage:

When the beautiful and ambitious Annie meets the charming and seductive Brent, a steamy love affair begins. However, after Annie learns she's been conned into killing her husband so Brent could make off with her inheritance, she leaves her lying lover and assumes a new identity. This new life proves to be a dream come true: Annie remarries a wealthy real estate heir and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. But when Brent tracks her down with plans to repeat his deadly scam, could she be convinced to kill again? The Perfect Marriage aired on Lifetime TV in January 2006.

Pricing: DVD $19.98

May 22

The Ninth Gate:

Newly repackaged in a special foil o-card, this thriller from Academy Award®-winning director Roman Polanski (The Pianist) stars Johnny Depp as Dean Corso, an unscrupulous rare-book dealer who is hired to locate the last remaining copies of a demonic manuscript with the power to summon the Devil. Corso must overcome both physical and supernatural obstacles as he finds himself embroiled in a deadly conspiracy and, ultimately, a confrontation with the devil incarnate. DVD special features include audio commentary with director Roman Polanski, "Dissecting The Ninth Gate" featurette, gallery of satanic drawing, isolated music score, storyboard selections and production notes.

Pricing: DVD $9.98

Cutthroat Island:

Academy Award®-winner Geena Davis and Matthew Modine deliver a tidal wave of nonstop action in this swashbuckling saga of ruthless pirates, buried treasure and bloodthirsty betrayal. After the death of her father, Morgan Adams (Davis) discovers part of a treasure map tattooed on his head. With the help of William Shaw (Modine), a convict she buys at an auction, Morgan hits the high seas to recover the remaining sections. But she is not alone: her murderous uncle Dawg (Frank Langella), who holds the puzzle's final piece, also seeks the gold. With a mutinous crew and the soldiers of the British crown in hot pursuit, Morgan and William set sail for Cutthroat Island, where the treasure - and danger - awaits. Newly swabbed in a special foil o-card, this repackaged edition of Cutthroat Island sets a course for adventure!

Pricing: DVD $9.98

The Shadow Walkers:

A group of lab technicians and military personnel awaken in a subterranean laboratory with no memory of their identities. They quickly discover that they are sealed in, and the only way back to the surface is through an escape tunnel buried even deeper underground. Hindered by limited electrical power, they struggle through the darkness where they are stalked from the shadows by a hive of genetically mutated creatures. Bred for combat, these monsters are endowed with razor sharp talons and rows of jagged teeth, each one capable of ripping a man apart. As they make their way through the blackness, members of the group begin to regain their memories, discovering the origin of the deadly creatures and the part they played in their creation. DVD special features include "Making of The Shadow Walkers" featurette.

Pricing: DVD $26.98

Caminantes..Si Hay Camino: Leyendas Del Cine Mexicano:

From the longest-running documentary program on Mexican TV comes Leyendas del Cine Mexicano, Vol. 1, a showcase of two of the most prominent personalities from Mexico: Pedro Infante and Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno. Infante, a Mexican and singer, is generally regarded as the greatest idol in the history of Mexican cinema. He appeared in nearly 60 films, recorded over 350 songs, and won the Golden Globe® as Best Actor for his performance in the film Tizoc. Jorge Negrete, a close friend of Infante's, was another of Mexico's most popular singers and actors. With his good looks, strong will and fascinating voice, he is still one of the top idols in Mexico and Latin America. In addition to his numerous film credits, Negrete's rendition of "México Lindo y Querido," his country's unofficial anthem, is the best known version of the song.

Pricing: DVD $12.98

Caminantes..Si Hay Camino: Grande Compositores:

From the longest-running documentary program on Mexican TV comes Grandes Compositores, a showcase of two of the most prominent personalities from Mexico: José Alfredo Jiménez and Salvador Flores Rivera. Jiménez, a Mexican-songwriter in the ranchera style, is regarded as one of the best Mexican songwriters of all time. His songs are considered part of Mexican musical heritage, much the way Woody Guthrie's songs are in America. Salvador Flores Rivera, known as "Chava" Flores, was also a Mexican singer and composer. Considered one of the greatest Mexican composers of twentieth-century popular music, Flores wrote songs that reflect a profound knowledge of the folklore of modern Mexico City, many of which are a parody of society and its daily activities.

Pricing: DVD $12.98

May 29

Drive Thru:

17-year-old Mackenzie Carpenter thinks her biggest problem is dying of boredom in the rural wasteland of Orange County...until her classmates start dying of massive blood loss. Local fast-food favorite Hella-Burger has a demonic new mascot, Horny the Clown, and he's slashing O.C. teens with his super-sized meat cleaver. It isn't until Mackenzie discovers her unbelievable connection to Horny and his victims that she realizes, if she's going to live to see 18, she must come face to face with the killer clown in the bloodiest week Blanca Carne, California has ever known.

Pricing: DVD $26.98


After American fighter pilot Ted Brice (Bill Paxton) is shot down on a reconnaissance mission over occupied Belgium, local underground members hide him in a secret room belonging to a resistance leader and his beautiful wife (Julia Ormond). As she nurses the injured pilot back to health, the two begin to fall in love. But when the affair is uncovered, a shocking act of betrayal threatens both them and the resistance movement, forcing Brice to make a choice that will change their lives - and the very course of the war - in this epic tale of courage, passion and sacrifice.

Pricing: DVD $26.98

Restless Natives:

Fed up with their dead-end jobs, two lads in Edinburgh embark on a non-violent crime spree. Armed with toy guns and donned in clown and Wolfman masks, the duo become notorious highwaymen, robbing coach loads of American tourists in the Scottish Highlands. Fame follows fortune as their exploits start gaining media notoriety; they even become folk heroes to the locals, as they begin sharing their newfound wealth with the poor like modern-day Robin Hoods. But when a local detective and an American CIA agent take their case, it may be the end of the road for the Scottish stick-up men. Directed by Michael Hoffman (Restoration, One Fine Day) and featuring a score by 1980s super-group Big Country, this cult comedy classic will be available on DVD for the first time in the U.S. on May 29, 2007.

Pricing: DVD $14.98


Based on a true story, Champions stars legendary actor John Hurt as Bob Champion, a British jockey who, in the middle of a vacation in Kentucky, learns that he has cancer. Like so many others before him, Champion submits to the full, painful treatments of multiple injections and radiation, suffering as much if not more from the cure as from the illness. Gaunt and nauseous, Champion must also endure countless meetings with his doctors, none of which hold any guarantee of a cure. His eventual remission leads to yet another grueling physical task: getting himself back into shape for the Grand National Steeplechase.

Pricing: DVD $14.98