While we're not sure if this franchise will be back or not, it seems it may have found a new home. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Lionsgate currently has the offer to beat for the rights to The Terminator franchise.

The studio has bid $15 million, plus 5% of future revenue for the franchise rights. The Halcyon Group, which currently owns the franchise, named the studio's bid the top "stalking horse" bid at this time. It was said that Halcyon would retain all the revenue generated by last year's summer film Terminator Salvation, which includes the $372 million the film earned worldwide, plus DVD revenue.

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The "stalking horse" designation indicates that any future bidders must come up with a bid of at least $750,000 or more on top of the current bid to be considered. The deadline for bids was set for February 5, with a hearing set to determine ownership on February 10.