Lionsgate has found religion!

In a story from The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has some big plans "to tap into the lucrative Christian entertainment market."

The studio recently put together "a distribution agreement with Thomas Nelson Inc., making the Christian publisher the exclusive distributor of Lionsgate product in the Christian retail market."

In addition to this, Lionsgate "has acquired exclusive North American home entertainment distribution rights to three DVD documentaries based on the best-selling books by leading Christian nonfiction author Lee Strobel: The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator and The Case for Faith."

The Case for Christ is expected to be out "in the third quarter."

Lionsgate hopes that this deal with Thomas Nelson will help give them "leverage for its existing library of product as well as upcoming inspirational titles such as Church Boy, based on the true story of gospel music icon Kirk Franklin, and a feature adaptation of Thomas Kinkade's painting The Christmas Cottage"

"Lionsgate is making a concerted effort to expand its leadership in the faith-based category," stated Lionsgate president Steve Beeks. "Making Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ the first new title under the Thomas Nelson relationship is a very powerful statement to show our commitment. Thomas Nelson has the best sales team in the industry, and they provide our faith-based product with unprecedented access to millions of proven Christian product buyers across the United States."

Evan Jacobs at Movieweb
Evan Jacobs