According to Home Media Retailing, Lionsgate will soon be beginning a “cross brand” marketing bonanza for their title, Ultimate Avengers: The Movie. This is the companies very first CG offering in partnership with Marvel Enterprises.

Featuring such characters Thor, The Incredible Hulk and Captain America this movie (which is based on the Marvel comic series “The Ultimates”) focuses on how these superheroes join forces to fight bad guys. To promote this title Lionsgate will be working with companies like NetZero and Playmates Toys. Some of the TV, Print and Internet outlets Lionsgate will be targeting are Cartoon Network, Wizard Magazine and Google.

National TV ads are slated to start of February 1st while the “online video ad campaign” will kick off February 7th.

“The campaign appeals to adults and comic book fans and will help us to build ultimately what is a new animation franchise,” states Lionsgate Marketing VP, Michael Rathauser.

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie is available on both DVD and UMD February 21st.