With Halloween almost upon us, it's the perfect time for Lionsgate and Bluewater comics to announce that they'll be creating comics based on two cult-horror fanchises; Leprechaun and Warlock. The news comes from ReelComix, where details are revealed about both upcoming series.

The Leprechaun series will be written by Lionsgate almumni Zach Hunchar, and illustrated by Kris Carter. Following Lubdan, the king and sole survivor of the Leprechaun, the story involves Lubdan tracking down a cursed pot of gold that has been distributed to humans all across the globe. Lubdan battles a new foe, the Cluracan, humanity's own greed, and a curse that weakens him the longer he is away from his gold.

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Meanwhile, the Warlock series follows the titular Warlock on a quest to track down a spell book which has imprisoned six of his fellow spellcasters. A rag-tag group of normal people are charged with preventing the Warlock from finding and destroying the book. "Warlock will appeal to both fans of the franchise and readers who know nothing about the horror series", says writer Nick Lyons. The book will be drawn by Jacob Bear and colored by John Hunt.

"Working with Lionsgate on this end is like coming back full circle for me. I worked on the marketing for Leprechaun 4: In Space", said Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis. "I loved this little character and have always wanted to do something with him. As for Warlock, this was another cult film that I enjoyed, so having this opportunity to partner with Lionsgate again is going to great".