Rob Zombie has made another interesting, though not unexpected, casting choice for his upcoming thriller The Lords of Salem.

Lisa Marie, who hasn't appeared onscreen since 2001's Tim Burton remake Planet of the Apes, has joined the cast as Priscilla Reed, a woman who "gives her all to support the 'cause of the Coven' in merry old Salem".

Lisa Marie will be joining other recent cast additions including cult favorites Richard Lynch, Billy Drago, Dee Wallace, Bruce Dern, Torsten Voges, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Ernest Thomas, and Sheri Moon Zombie. It has also been confirmed that guitarist John 5 will be scoring the soundtrack.

You can check out character posters from director Rob Zombie below.

Lisa Marie Character Poster

John 5 Character Poster

Richard Lynch Character Poster

Billy Drago Character Poster

Dee Wallace Character Poster

Bruce Dern Character Poster

Torsten Voges Character Poster

Jeff Daniel Phillips Character Poster

Ernest Thomas Character Poster

B. Alan Orange