The Hulk:Danny Elfman's Official Site have unleashed some small MP3 samples of The Hulk soundtrack!

CLICK HERE to take a listen!

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Even before anyone had heard a note of it, Danny Elfman's score for The Hulk was mired in controversy. Late in post-production, Mychael Danna, who had been hired to score the film, was relieved of his duties, and Elfman, super--scorer that he is, was hired to lend musical expression to Ang Lee's ill-tempered green giant. Folks cried about how they wanted to hear what Danna, a unique choice to score such a film, had come up with. Was it merely the enticing opportunity of Danna's efforts, or the fact that Elfman was now on the film that had people so upset? No stranger to superheroes and comic books, Danny launched the the most fertile period of his career with Batman, through to the early '90s with Darkman, Dick Tracy, Batman Returns and the theme for the television series The Flash. He would later collaborate with Darkman director Sam Raimi for 2002's biggest financial success, Spider-Man, making everyone at Marvel notice. So, it was a wise decision on Universal Pictures and Marvel's part to go with a proven formula: "Music by Danny Elfman". The Hulk proves the formula is still viable, as Elfman's score is brilliant, matching the scope and tone of the picture, proving to be progressive, often exhilirating and touched with Elfman's unique brand of tragedy.