Man of Steel fans can now listen to 30-second excerpts from Hans Zimmer's soundtrack on Amazon. The soundtrack will be available in an 18-track regular edition, and a 24-track deluxe edition, both of which will be available on June 11. Click on the deluxe edition cover to check out these soundtrack samples, then read on for the full track listing. In addition, we have two more images featuring Man of Steel star Henry Cavill from a promotion by Hershey Canada.

Man of Steel Deluxe Edition Soundtrack Artwork
Man of Steel Henry Cavill Photo 1
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Man of Steel Henry Cavill Photo 2

Man of Steel Soundtrack Track Listing

  • 1. Look To The Stars
  • 2. Oil Rig
  • 3. Sent Here For A Reason
  • 4. DNA
  • 5. Goodbye My Son
  • 6. If You Love These People
  • 7. Krypton's Last
  • 8. Terraforming
  • 9. Tornado
  • 10. You Die Or I Do
  • 11. Launch
  • 12. Ignition
  • 13. I Will Find Him
  • 14. This Is Clark Kent
  • 15. I Have So Many Questions
  • 16. Flight
  • 17. What Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?
  • 18. Man of Steel (Hans' Original Sketchbook)

Additional tracks on Deluxe Edition:

  • Are You Listening, Clark?
  • General Zod
  • You Led Us Here
  • This Is Madness
  • Earth
  • Arcade