has posted a couple of samples from the forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack over at their site. For those looking to get a sneak preview of the film itself, they also have an extremely detailed track listing. Each piece of music gets its own breakdown beat for beat, revealing a bit about the plot of the movie.

Some of the title tracks include Multiple Jacks, I See Dead People in Boats, The Brethren Court, What Shall We Die For, and Drink up Me Hardies.

CLICK HERE to listen to some of the music right now!

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Composer Hans Zimmer also wrote the score for both of the other two Pirates movies. They were a smashing success. This new soundtrack expands on those previous works by Zimmer, with a few new themes for the villains, as well as a couple of new tunes for Jack Sparrow himself.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End soundtrack hits stores on May 22, 2007. The film opens three days later on May 25th.

B. Alan Orange