Little Dragon will document Bruce Lee's formative years and early adventures in Hong Kong in the 1950s. There have been movies over time that have tried to capture Lee's philosophy and essence of his beliefs in martial arts, but none have come close according to Lee's daughter, Shannon Lee. The recently released Birth of a Dragon was criticized for having a fictional character as Lee's friend in the movie with quite a large part. But now it looks as if an official biopic is on its way with the stamp of approval from Shannon Lee.

Shannon Lee recently sat down and did extensive research into her father's formative years to start co-writing the script with acclaimed Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth), who is set to direct Little Dragon as well. Kapur made a statement via Variety, read what he had to say below.

"It is important that audiences today can relate their own lives to the journey of Bruce Lee, who manages to tap into his inner wisdom and harness his true destiny before it was too late."

Shannon Lee goes on to add that she's always thought that a film of Lee's formative years would be a "worthwhile" story. She says this.

"I always thought that a film about how my father's life was shaped in his early years in Hong Kong would be a worthwhile story to share so we could better understand him as a human being and a warrior. I'm really excited that Shekhar will breathe life into the first film from Bruce Lee Entertainment."

Pre-production is currently underway with a worldwide search for an actor to pull off the high-pressure role of playing the mighty Bruce Lee and shooting is expected to start this summer. The story is said to be a contemporary dramatization of how the Hong Kong social and political forces shaped a young Bruce Lee into the legend that he is today, detailing his struggles of family disappointment, racism, betrayal, and poverty to overcome. Convergence Entertainment's Tim Kwok is on board to co-produce and had this to say about the upcoming Little Dragon story.

"This film is a deeply personal exploration of Bruce before his inner power and discipline forged him into the ground-breaking icon that continues to this day to inspire people throughout the world."

Shannon Lee runs Bruce Lee Entertainment, which is a division of the Bruce Lee Family Company. Both share the goal of promoting and protecting Bruce Lee's legacy as a philosopher and expert martial artist. Shannon Lee is going through great lengths to make Little Dragon something special, to embody all that her late father was about and make the definitive statement about Lee's formative years. The family recently blocked Ip Man 3 from using a CGI rendering of Bruce Lee in their movie, which coincidentally had Lee's brother, Robert Lee as a consultant.

Little Dragon is considered to be a working title and can be changed at any time. It should be interesting to see how Shannon Lee and Bruce Lee Entertainment handle a story that is so close to them. Regardless, a family sanctioned film about Bruce Lee is definitely something to get excited about. There is currently no release date set for Little Dragon.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick