Spoiler TV recently came upon a casting call for the Paul Weitz directed Little Fockers. This Universal comedy is apparently trying to really push the envelope with the third film in the Meet the Fockers series.

Here is a look at the casting call:

[TOUGH KID] 7 yrs old, he teases Henry for peeing his pants, gets in Greg's face when he threatens him...2 lines, 1 scene

[[RUFUS] Tough 5 yr old who takes Henry's tricycle, runs him over, but then gets knocked off the bike by Samantha...1 line, 1 scene NEED LEGAL 6 TO PLAY 5 YRS OLD

[SVETLANA] Kevin's hot, bikini-clad Russian girlfriend...6 lines, 2 scenes SPEAKS WITH A RUSSIAN ACCENT

[DR. PATEL] An Indian/South Asian doctor at the medical conference...1 line, 1 scene

[MR. ANDROVSKY] 50's, overweight, diabetic patient getting an enema from Louis...3 lines, 1 scene

Little Fockers will be released in 2010.