The Wind In The Willows: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney is in talks with Guillermo Del Toro to helm the live action/CGI remake of the classic story The Wind In The Willows.

A good idea, but with the House of Mouse's last efforts, it'll be interesting to see if they can pull it off. Luckily we have TRON 2.0 to look forward to...

Alien 5: At a recent press conference in Syndey, Australia, Ridley Scott once again confirmed his willingness to direct the next (and probably last!) Alien film.

"You know I thought it'd be nice. I'd do it. It really is entirely dependent on the take on the material. It's all about material. I been asked about Alien 5 and I said of course. We've started a script meeting. I mean, I've started it off so I may as well close the door - if in fact this is meant to be the last one".

Good news for the Alien franchise. Hopefully they'll go out on a good note! Getting Scott involved is a BIG step in the right direction. After his last 2 films (Gladiator and Black Hawk Down) he seems to be the man who can do no wrong. Just give him a good script for this.He nailed the mood and setting of the first film, and we all know he can film action with as much intensity as anyone out there!

Ted Bundy: Over at Aint It Cool News there's a scoop about a Ted Bundy film directed by Matthew Bright, the man who brought us such classics (tongue firmly planted in cheek) Freeway and Confessions of a Trick Baby. The buzz is that this is on its way to becoming a great film.

My take? Tough material. It's easier to have an audience for a serial killer film, such as Silence of the Lambs, when it's fiction. This is about one of the sickest individuals in recent history. That's a hard sell, especially when it's going to need some serious work just to garner an 'R' rating.

Well, the Hollywood movers and shakers keep moving and shaking, and rest assured that your friendly, neighborhood Kerouac will be there to cover every last jiggle!

Kerouac out!