In Sons of Hollywood we see Sean Stewart (son of music legend Rod Stewart), Randy Spelling (song of the late, great Aaron Spelling) and talent manager David Weintraub. This show essentially chronicles their lives and we see how Sean is basically out of control. He's the kind of person that could do anything and only seems to be marginally focused on his recording career (it's a shame too because he sings the theme song of this show and it isn't half bad). Randy is an actor and runs his own record label. These guys seems to hang out, are insulated by money (at last Randy and Sean are), and David does his best to corral his friends into being productive but also wants to have a good time.

Having only been given the first show to review it's simply titled "Lost Vega$." David thinks the guys have been working too hard so he sets up a fun trip for them to Vegas. After losing a lot of money at the tables, Sean and Randy almost get in a fight over a meal in front of all their friends. There really isn't too much said about this after it happens. Sadly, we next see Randy dealing with the notion that his father is going to die soon. His friends decide to give him his space and they go off and play golf. Of course Sean can't play it straight and wants to play with his shirt off. Meanwhile, Randy respectfully gets a tattoo of his father's signature on his arm.

I found this show to be everything good and bad about Reality Television. I find it interesting that they talk about helping to keep a member of the group sober, yet the they take a trip to Las Vegas. It sounds like going to Nebraska in order to become a vegetarian. However, what I loved about the show was seeing the real, honest emotions that Randy Spelling had for his ailing father. Being a huge fan of Aaron Spelling and the shows he created, I was particularly moved by all of this. It will be interesting to see what Sons of Hollywood has in store for future seasons. However, if the whole thing is just these guys partying me thinks things could get old very quick.

Also, I can understand Sean Stewart being tightly wound (especially considering who his father is), but then why go into the same business? It would seem if he couldn't handle the pressure when there's no musical success, how are things going to be with this "out of control" person when he gets a taste of it? Furthermore, how will he cope with the ups and downs of the fickle music business? Should Sons of Hollywood get to focus on these kinds of issues, I think we could be looking at a show that really makes it's mark in the TV world.

Sons of Hollywood airs at 10pm/9c on Sunday nights on A&E.

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