Warner Bros. and DC Comics are looking to revive their long-gestating Lobo movie, with director Michael Bay being eyed to direct. The filmmaker has recently taken meetings with Warner Bros. and DC to discuss the project and give notes for writer Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) to incorporate in the latest script rewrite. The studio's plan is to have the writer work on the new script, to see if it is to the director's liking and try to make a deal.

What's interesting is this news comes just a month after an unconfirmed report claimed that Warner Bros. and DC were cancelling the movie, along with nixing the rumored Deadshot stand alone movie. While there is no clarification on the Deadshot movie's status as of yet, it seems that Lobo is still very much in the works, although whether or not it actually goes in front of cameras remains to be seen. Michael Bay joins a rather lengthy list of filmmakers who have attempted to bring this DC Comics character to the big screen, although it's possible that he could be the first to succeed in doing so.

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The project was first put into development way back in 2009, when Warner Bros. brought on Guy Ritchie from a script by Don Payne (Thor). The project was stalled in 2010 when Guy Ritchie parted ways with the project to direct his Sherlock Holmes sequel for the studio, and the project laid dormant for a few years until 2012, when Brad Peyton (San Andreas) came aboard to direct, and, a few months later, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was attached to play the title character. Still, even with The Rock attached, the project didn't come together, as Dwayne Johnson moved on to attach himself to the Black Adam character in Shazam, before he ended up getting his own Black Adam movie.

Then back in March 2016, Jason Fuchs, who wrote the early draft of the Wonder Woman script and got a story credit on the blockbuster, came aboard to write the script. The writer also made headlines in June 2016 when he sent out an Instagram photo from a four-issue run of the Lobo comics called Portrait of Bastich, which fans took to mean that this story will not be based on the New 52 comics run. That was never confirmed, but with Jason Fuchs still attached to the project, going through another round of rewrites, it isn't known if this Portrait of Bastich story line is still in play.

There was also a report from 2015, when Brad Peyton was attached to direct, that this comic book adaptation is still in fact happening, but it may not come to fruition for a very long time. Michael Bay is coming off Transformers: The Last Knight, and while he doesn't have another directorial gig lined up at the moment, he is producing a number of upcoming projects such as A Quiet Place, The First Purge and Bumblebee, all slated to hit theaters this year. He also serves as an executive producer on Amazon's upcoming Jack Ryan series. The Wrap broke the news on Michael Bay's potential involvement in Lobo earlier today.