Problems with Batman V Superman be damned, the Warner Bros. & DC Comics movie universe is moving forward. Even though they already have a very full slate of films that includes at least two movies a year over the next handful of years, it seems like they have quite a few movies on the back burner as well. One of those movies has been rumored for a long time. But it looks like the Wonder Woman screenwriter may have just confirmed a Lobo movie.

Writer Jason Fuchs used his Instagram to tease that Warner Bros. most definitely has him working on a Lobo movie script. The picture is from a four issue run of the Lobo comic called Portrait of Bastich, which is how Fuchs decided to hashtag his post. It is also worth noting that there is a much different version of Lobo featured in DC's New 52 comics. But Fuchs looks to be pointing towards the classic version of this character, and not the one featured in The New 52, based on this shared image. Sure, he could just be reading the comic for his own enjoyment because comics books are more than just source material for blockbuster movies, but given Fuchs track record, it seems more likely that this is a bit of a tease on his part.

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Warner Bros. has had a Lobo movie in development for a fairly long time, with San Andreas director Brad Peyton brought on at one point to write and direct the film with a rumor floating around that Dwayne Johnson was going to take on the role of Lobo. That would have made sense, given that Peyton and Johnson have worked together quite a bit in the past and will be doing more together in the future. After Peyton exited the project, there were rumors that Fuchs was hired to take over writing duties for the Lobo film, but that has not exactly been confirmed.

As mentioned, Fuchs did write the script for the Wonder Woman movie, which just wrapped production and is currently in the editing phase. By all accounts, the studio was very happy with everything that went into that film, so Fuchs has a good relationship with the studio and it would make sense that they would bring him on for another DC Comics property. This could very much be a back burner project that the studio could sub in should another upcoming film fall apart or they feel the need to add another different type of film to the schedule if things start going very well.

For those who don't know, Lobo is an unkillable alien from the planet of Czarnia who works as an interstellar mercenary and ruthless bounty hunter. The character could essentially serve as DC and Warner Bros.' answer to both Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy, given that the character would definitely lend itself to an rated R adaptation and it would also be a bit of an intergalactic sprawl. The other nice thing about a Lobo movie is that much like Guardians, it could largely exist outside of the larger continuity in the other DC Comics movie. So, if it bombs, the studio can just ignore it. If it does well, they can branch out from there. Be sure to stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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