Movie PictureThe filecards are here! After being classified for decades the public finally has the abilty to view the personal files of the LOE Special Forces members! This is huge! It's kinda like the government telling you about the reality of the UFO crash at Roswell only this is better, and more important! You always wanted to know what, or who makes Lights Out tick, well this is you chance!

View TOP SECRET files on javascript:void(0|DROID, javascript:void(0|MUSHY, javascript:void(0|BROCK,& javascript:void(0|BRIAN right now! End transmission...chhhh... {@IMG:GqIyGz1VRXhTsnSghuqzQ5vFRwEIiw|Movie [email protected]}The director's cut of Superman is coming to DVD on May 1st! This is a must have in any DVD collection! It comes packed with "Making Of" documentaries, cast and crew interviews, as well as never-before-seen footage all packed into a massive Director' s Cut! Click here to see the trailer! Don't miss out!Here's a pretty funny picture of Arnold Swartenegger in his upcoming movie "Collateral Damage" . No word yet on the movie besides what the official site has to offer, which isn't alot. We'll keep you posted on every single spec of Arnold news. Trust me. That's what we were put here to do!

OK. The best news I've come across all week has been the news of the Star Wars DVDs! has reported that major video store chains are revealing information that they will start selling The Phantom Menace DVD on October 16th 2001. The DVD wil supposidly ship on 2 discs, the movie as released in theaters, plus another version of the film stripped of special effects, containing extra long footage, trailers, and a 6.1 soundtrack!

IGN has also reported that Fox has annouced they will be releasing the rest of the Star Wars saga on DVD as well! BUT WAIT, there's a catch! Star Wars: A New Hope will be released in 4th Quarter 2002, The Empire Strikes Back will be released 4th Quarter 2003, and Return of the Jedi will be released 4th Quarter 2004! What the F#[email protected]! That's 3 years away! sigh...

Lights Out did it! Whay can't you? Sam Raimi & Sony have added more days of shooting to the Spiderman movie! If you wanted to be an extra in this film but missed your chance in January then here's another chance for you to get your act together! Brock and I had fun and I'm sure you will too! Who might see us there!

Added days of shooting include: March 15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 26th. (I know we're a little late) For more information and to sign up click this suck ass.

Movie PictureWell, that's all the news for now. I got get back to my new love...{15} for the PS2. God, damn is it a blast.

Don't for get about the Oscars on Sunday! Go Crouching Tiger! Go!

Stay tuned...~Brian