As sad as it is for many of us to see Hugh Jackman hang up the claws and retire the role of Wolverine, audiences have made it clear that they love to watch him leave. Logan has been raking it in at the box office all month and now, the movie has just crossed another milestone. The third and final solo Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman playing the iconic mutant has just crossed $200 million at the domestic box office.

According to Box Office Mojo, Logan, as of this writing, has made $201.45 million at the domestic box office alone. That puts it well above the other two solo Wolverine movies and when all's said and done, Logan could wind up getting close to the worldwide total of X-Men Origins: Wolverine domestically. That is pretty impressive and is likely to make the folks over at Fox very happy. But, perhaps more importantly, the fans are clear very happy and that is why the movie is doing so well.

Internationally, Logan is tearing it up as well and is showing few signs of slowing down. The movie has made nearly $365 million overseas and when adding that to its impressive domestic total, Logan has already made $565.4 million worldwide. To put that into perspective, X-Men Origins: Wolverine only made $373 million total and The Wolverine, a movie that people actually liked, still only managed to bring in $414 million. Not to mention that both of those movies had reported budgets well north of $100 million, while Logan was reportedly made for $97 million. No matter how you slice it, Logan is going to go down as a massive success.

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It is also worth noting that an R-rated Wolverine movie is something that fans have wanted for quite some time and, thanks to the success of Deadpool, Logan was able to be the movie Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold wanted it to be. They didn't have to hold back. Now, as for how Logan compares to Deadpool in terms of box office success, it will at least be close. Deadpool finished its run with $363 million domestically and $783 million worldwide. It isn't likely that Logan will surpass that amount, but it should at least come close. R-rated or not, both of these movies have proved that talented, creative people can take slightly smaller budgets and expand upon the superhero/comic book genre with great success. This is something that will surely make a big impact on things moving forward and will be part of Hugh Jackman's vast legacy.

Movies that critics don't like very much regularly make a lot of money, but it sure doesn't hurt anything if they do like it. And critics love Logan. The movie currently has a very impressive 92 percent approval rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, with an equally impressive 93 percent audience rating. It is that near universal praise that has helped push Logan to become a true box office success. We may never get to see Hugh Jackman as Wolverine again, but it is safe to say he definitely went out on top.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott