With a massive amount of critical acclaim at its back, 20th Century Fox's Logan was poised to come away with an easy box office win. Early box office projections put Logan between $60 million and $70 million, but like most box office hits, it opened above and beyond its expectations. The box office estimates started rolling in today, with the superhero adventure taking in $85.3 million, easily beating fellow newcomers The Shack and Before I Fall. Last weekend's winner Get Out also proved that it has some staying power, dropping just 21.8%, coming in second place with $26.1 million

Logan is currently at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes, with 83 positive reviews and just four negative reviews, with Before I Fall also faring well with critics with 64% on RT, although The Shack failed to win over the critics with 16% on RT. As far as opening weekend rollout, Logan, featuring Hugh Jackman's final performance as Wolverine, is opening in 4,071 theaters this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo, earning an impressive per-screen average of $20,953. The buzz swirling around Logan, along with the critical acclaim and the fact that this is Hugh Jackman's last Wolverine movie, was more than enough to push its opening far past its projected $68.5 million debut.

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This movie opened higher than the previous two stand-alone Wolverine movies. X-Men: Origins: Wolverine opened big with $85 million in 2009, before suffering a huge 69% drop in its second weekend, en route to a domestic total of $179.8 million and a worldwide tally of $373 million from a $150 million budget. 2013's The Wolverine fared a bit worse domestically, with a $53.1 million opening weekend en route to $132.5 million domestic, although it performed better in international markets with a worldwide total of $414.8 million worldwide, from a $120 million budget. No budget figures have been confirmed for Logan yet, but Hugh Jackman and company should have no trouble taking down its competition in opening weekend.

As expected, the horror-thriller Get Out from first-time director Jordan Peele dropped to second place with 26.1 million, which only dropped an impressive 21.3%. It currently stands at $75.9 million from just a $4.5 million budget. Newcomer The Shack opened in third place with $16.1 million, followed by The LEGO Batman Movie in fourth place with $11.6 million and Before I Fall rounding out the top 5 with $4.9 million. The top 10 is rounded out by John Wick: Chapter 2 ($4.7 million), Hidden Figures ($3.8 million), The Great Wall$3.5 million), Fifty Shades Darker ($3.4 million) and La La Land ($2.9 million).{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}In 2024 the mutant population has shrunk significantly and the X-Men have disbanded. Logan, whose power to self-heal is dwindling, has surrendered himself to alcohol and now earns a living as a chauffeur. He takes care of the ailing old Professor X whom he keeps hidden away. One day, a female stranger asks Logan to drive a girl named Laura to the Canadian border. At first he refuses, but the Professor has been waiting for a long time for her to appear. Laura possesses an extraordinary fighting prowess and is in many ways like Wolverine. She is pursued by sinister figures working for a powerful corporation; this is because her DNA contains the secret that connects her to Logan. A relentless pursuit begins ... In this third cinematic outing featuring the Marvel comic book character Wolverine we see the superheroes beset by everyday problems. They are aging, ailing and struggling to survive financially. A decrepit Logan is forced to ask himself if he can or even wants to put his remaining powers to good use. It would appear that in the near-future, the times in which they were able put the world to rights with razor sharp claws and telepathic powers are now over.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Based on the New York Times best-selling novel, The Shack takes us on a father's uplifting spiritual journey. After suffering a family tragedy, Mack Phillips Sam Worthington spirals into a deep depression causing him to question his innermost beliefs. Facing a crisis of faith, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Despite his doubts, Mack journeys to the shack and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa Octavia Spencer. Through this meeting, Mack finds important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy and change his life forever.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}What if you had only one day to change absolutely everything? Before I Fall centers on Samantha Kingston (Zoey Deutch), who has everything: the perfect friends, the perfect guy, and a seemingly perfect future. Then, everything changes. After one fateful night, Sam wakes up with no future at all. Trapped reliving the same day over and over, she begins to question just how perfect her life really was. As she begins to untangle the mystery of a life suddenly derailed, she must also unwind the secrets of the people closest to her, and discover the power of a single day to make a difference, not just in her own life, but in the lives of those around her--before she runs out of time for good.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Also opening in limited release is Fox Searchlight's Table 19, which earned $1.5 million from 868 theaters for a paltry $1,815 per-screen average. No box office data was given for The Orchard's comedy Donald Cried, Argot Pictures' documentary The Freedom to Marry, Vertical Entertainment's Headshot, Bleecker Street's The Last Word, Magnolia's My Scientology Movie and IFC's Wolves. No theaters counts were given for any of these films, and it isn't clear if they plan on expanding in the weeks to come. Looking ahead to next weekend, Warner Bros. Kong: Skull Island is the only movie opening in wide release, along with limited release titles such as FIP's romantic comedy Badrinath Ki Dulhania, Parade Deck Films' The Dark Below, Brainstorm Media's dram The Other Half, Paladin's drama The Ottoman Lieutenant, IFC's thriller Personal Shopper, Focus World's horror film Raw, CBS Films' drama The Sense of an Ending and Strand's foreign drama Suntan. Take a look at our projections for the weekend of March 3, and check back Sunday for the box office estimates.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}{listId::1}