We've known for quite some time that 20th Century Fox's Logan will be Hugh Jackman's final film as Wolverine, and it was recently confirmed by director James Mangold that the film is set in the year 2029. The filmmaker revealed that Logan takes place 5 years after the events of the X-Men: Days of Future Past prologue, which is set in the year 2024, with the director stating that setting the movie in 2029 gives him room to be clear of the "existing entanglements" of the X-Men universe. Today we have word from Hugh Jackman, who claims that Logan isn't even set in the same X-Men universe, although James Mangold revealed on social media that may not be the case. First off, here's what Hugh Jackman had to say about how this movie isn't "beholden to timelines" of the X-Men universe.

"And so Jim [Mangold] and I had this blank canvas and we wanted to make something really different. Definitely tonally different, I kept thinking The Wrestler, Unforgiven. He was thinking Unforgiven as well and The Gauntlet and these other movies which just seemed to really match his character. Early on we had the idea for the title not having anything to do with Wolverine in it, but making this more about the man. And what the collateral damage of being Wolverine your entire life would be. It's a standalone movie in many ways. It's not really beholden to timelines and storylines in the other movies. Obviously, Patrick Stewart is in there so we have some crossover, but it feels very different and very fresh."
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Hugh Jackman went on to say in his interview with Digital Spy that it "doesn't help telling a story" to have a movie within a huge cinematic universe. He went on to add how fans will fully understand the stand alone nature of the movie when they see it in theaters on March 3. Here's what he had to say.

"When you see the full movie you'll understand. Not only is it different in terms of timeline and tone, it's a slightly different universe. It's actually a different paradigm and that will become clear."

When asked about the actor's interview on Twitter, James Mangold responded by stating that he doesn't think Hugh Jackman meant that Logan isn't set in the X-Men universe. The director goes onto say that the movie is simply set 5 years past anything that has been seen so far in the X-Men movies. Here's what the director had to say on Twitter below.

"Don't think @RealHughJackman said that exactly. Simple fact. We take place in 2029, 5 yrs past anything depicted in XMEN film. And "slightly different" causes an uproar? Everyone should just breathe and focus on important things."

The synopsis reveals that in the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan's attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are up-ended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces. The story is partially based on the Old Man Logan comics story line, but it will also include elements of other comics, since there are a number of characters that can't be featured in this story, since Marvel Studios owns the rights to characters such as Hawkeye, Hulk and Red Skull. The new trailer that debuted this week reveals that there are actually X-Men comic books, loosely based on the superhero group's exploits, but it remains to be seen how the comics will figure into the story. Take a look at James Mangold's tweets regarding Logan's place in the X-Men universe.