To celebrate their 200th episode of Honest Trailers, Screen Junkies gave fans what they have been asking for since March: the Honest Trailer of Logan. Could Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Logan be an Oscar contender? Probably not after the Honest Trailer takes it down a peg or two. Before their trailer even begins, Screen Junkie is bombarding the screen with social media posts begging for the Honest Trailer of the critically acclaimed Logan, and they have decided to deliver the goods. But that's not all, to celebrate this momentous occasion, they have enlisted the help of none other than Deadpool, (aka Ryan Reynolds in character) to roast his Marvel buddy.

The Honest Trailer YouTube video points out some characteristics that make Logan standalone to the Wolverine and X-Men movies that came before. For one, Logan does not rely on an ensemble cast of fellow mutants to help push (or drag) the story along. Second, Logan stays away from the weird, confusing timelines and keeps the theme "realistic," which Screen Junkies claim the movie should have been rated R for because of the often morbid sense that we all get old and die. Even mutants. Third, and most importantly, Logan strips away the over use of bloated CGI, allowing the movie to rely on the acting chops of the actors.

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Screen Junkies was doing a pretty good job poking holes in Logan, but the criticism wasn't as brutal as, say the Honest Trailer for Suicide Squad. Even though the burn on Boyd Hallbrook imitating Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday is pretty savage. So instead of going at it solo, Screen Junkies enlisted the help of Deadpool to help out, but shockingly, Mr. Pool has nothing bad to say about Logan. Even after the narrator tries to lure him in to get in on the fun, Deadpool plays it cool and states that "If (Hugh) Jackman doesn't get an Oscar nom, I'm setting every VHS copy of Crash on fire." Which is of course a reference to Crash winning the award for Best Picture in 2006. Deadpool doesn't stop there, instead he starts to wonder what Logan director James Mangold could do with Deadpool in 20 years. "Oh, man, how good what that be? Just 90 minutes of Cable and I changing each others space diapers."

All joking aside, Logan is still earning money and gaining praise from fans and critics alike. Logan Noir brought a fun twist on the already successful original movie, showing it in theaters in black and white. Logan still hold a 92% fresh from Rotten Tomatoes, which makes it one of the best reviewed movies of 2017 thus far. The R-Rated ("realistic"), extra violent movie has earned over $600 million worldwide and was seen as a breath of fresh air for comic book movies.

Logan is currently available on Digital HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD as well as streaming. Ryan Reynolds will be back as Deadpool in Deadpool 2, which opens on June 1st, 2018 and promises to have more of the Weasel this time around. Without a doubt, the best part of the Honest Trailer is the yelling montage towards the end and you can watch it and Deadpool's commentary below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick