20th Century Fox has unloaded a late day surprise for X-Men and Marvel fans. The new poster for Logan has arrived. And this one-sheet features none other than the fan-favorite mutant X-23.

Wolverine 3 marks the final X-Men movie for star Hugh Jackman. But the entire show might be stole right out from underneath him by young actress Dafne Keen. She is seen being clutched by Logan in this least sneak peek. She plays Laura Kinney in the movie, whom most will recognize by her more prominent comic book name X-23.

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X-23 made her Marvel Comics debut more than a decade ago. She was actually conceived for the animated series X-Men: Evolution. She is the result of one group's attempt to clone Wolverine's mutant DNA, as part of the Weapon X program. This premise was set up in the end-credits scene for X-Men Apocalypse. X-23 is the 22nd attempt to clone Logan, hence the name.

X-23 shares Logan's super strength, reflexes, agility and healing factor. Though, she only has two claws instead of Wolverine's signature three. Though, she does have an extra claw that can come slicing out of her foot. Throughout her run in the comics, X-23 is known as a loner. She has been both a member of X-Men and X-Force. And she took over for Wolverine at the time of his death in the Marvel comics.

This new version of X-23 made her debut appearance in the first Logan trailer that arrived earlier this year. The movie is directed by James Mangold. The ensemble cast includes Patrick Steward reprising his role as Charlez Xavier and also includes Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle. Take a look at the new poster courtesy of IMP Awards.

Logan Poster X-23