Logan wound up being the movie that X-Men fans hoped it would be, which is important since it is Hugh Jackman's last turn as the iconic mutant. Or so he says. But there were some important things that simply didn't make their way into the movie, despite the desire being there. Like Wolverine's bad guy brother Sabretooth. It turns out that Liev Schreiber, who played the character previously, was asked early on in the process to reprise the part in Logan. Things just didn't pan out.

The actor recently spoke with Variety on a range of topics relating to his career. Since he was noticeably absent from Logan, he was asked about it and revealed that the opportunity was on the table to appear, but his schedule wound up getting in the way, among other things. Here is what he had to say about it.

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"There was an invitation early on from Hugh [Jackman] and [director James Mangold] and I would have loved to work on it. It was very difficult given Ray Donovan's schedule, and I think they went a different direction as well with story. I think it's a terrific movie. I'm just very proud of Hugh and the way that he handled himself with that franchise and that character. It was a great experience to be involved with one of them and to get to work with them. I had mixed emotions when I heard that he was going to retire."

Liev Schreiber portrayed Sabretooth, aka Victor Creed, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which is, by almost all accounts, a very bad movie. That said, Schreiber's performance as Sabretooth is one of the very best parts in a really unfortunate movie. There aren't many things from that movie that X-Men fans ever want to think about again, like the botched execution of Deadpool, for example. But fans probably would have been pretty happy if Victor would have shown up, even briefly, in Logan. However, as Liev Schreiber points out, the story ultimately went in a different direction and it is hard to imagine any of us would change things, because Logan really is the movie we have been wanting to see for a very long time.

It was recently revealed by writer Scott Frank that an early draft of Logan did include a scene, in which, Wolverine went to seek out the help of his brother. It wasn't made clear exactly how big his role would have been or how that would have changed things, but there was, at one point, a version of this movie that included Sabretooth. It is also worth mentioning that Liev Schreiber is not the only actor to play Sabretooth in an X-Men movie. Tyler Mane first portrayed the character in Bryan Singer's first X-Men movie in 2000, but he never returned to reprise the role either. Despite X-Men Origins: Wolverine being a bad movie, Schreiber made more of an impact when he played the part, which is almost certainly why he was asked to return.

Logan wound up doing more than fine without Sabretooth in the mix. To date, the movie has grossed $607 million worldwide, which dwarfs the grosses of the previous two solo Wolverine movies. Not to mention that, critically speaking, it isn't even close. Logan remains one of the best-reviewed movies of 2017 and is one of the more critically respected superhero movies of the modern era. Still, it would have been a nice touch to see Victor and Wolverine meet one last time before Hugh Jackman decided to hang up the claws.

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