This weekend is one that is quite bittersweet for fans of the X-Men franchise. We are being treated to Logan which, by almost all accounts, is the Wolverine movie we have all been waiting for and serves as a truly unique movie in the superhero landscape. However, it is going to be Hugh Jackman's last turn as the famed mutant, which is a bummer, especially because we never got to see him in the classic yellow costume. According to Logan director James Mangold, there is a good reason for that.

The director spoke with ScreenRant in anticipation of Logan's release and as much as fans really want to see the yellow costume, he actually makes a compelling argument for not using it. Hugh Jackman gave fans some hope that the suit would show up in Logan when he tweeted a picture of a Wolverine action figure that was sporting the classic costume, but there was nothing more to it. It was simply a picture of a Wolverine action figure. Here is what James Mangold had to say about his decision to not use the classic Wolverine costume.

"I always feel a certain contingent of fans who are yearning for it. But the biggest block I've had, I'm willing to take the heat for it, is that, I can never get past, being a writer for these movies as well, that Logan is the least narcissistic of all the superheroes, any kind I can think of, Marvel, DC or anywhere else. What I mean by that is, who puts a special branded outfit on when they do good deeds? And why? The only reason you do it is so you can have some sort of trademarked claim and get credit for what you did. Nothing seems less Wolverine-like than the desire to put on a trademarked outfit , particularly canary yellow, and kind of prance about doing good deeds and have people go, "Oh my God! It's The Wolverine!" At least the Wolverine, as I see him, that's a real struggle for me and always has been. I somehow feel that if somehow we ever put Hugh [Jackman] into one of those outfits, people would not be happy. Essentially, it's something that lives on the page and I'm not sure could live anywhere else."

Wolverine first appeared in Bryan Singer's X-Men back in 2000 and in that movie, the team suited up in mostly black leather suits. Cyclops even joked to Wolverine, "what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?" The black leather has more or less been what many of the characters have stuck with in subsequent X-Men movies, but some characters have been seen in more classic versions of their costumes. In a deleted scene from The Wolverine, the yellow costume was seen in a box that was gifted to Logan, but the scene didn't make it into the movie. Still, that scene gave fans hope that the yellow suit would show up at some point. Now that Hugh Jackman is officially hanging up the claws, it is definitively not going to happen. At least not with him.

It isn't really a question of if Fox will recast Wolverine at some point, but really just a matter of when. Surely they will give us quite a bit of time to let Hugh Jackman's legacy resonate a bit before bringing in a new actor to dawn the claws, but it will happen eventually. Perhaps when that does happen they can find a way to put Wolverine in his classic costume but when it comes to this version of the character, it simply didn't make sense. Fair enough. Even though the yellow suit won't be in play, you can see Hugh Jackman one last time as Wolverine in Logan, which is in theaters now.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott