Last night, the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas held a one-night-only theatrical screening of Logan Noir, the black-and-white version of the R-rated blockbuster Logan, which coincides with yesterday's Digital HD release. Director James Mangold was on hand for a special live-stream Q&A session where the filmmaker was asked about the possibility of an X-23 spin-off, which would bring back Dafne Keen's fan favorite character. Here's what the filmmaker had to say during last night's Q&A session.

"Anything's possible. I've certainly talked to them about it. I even talked to them about it before we made the movie. I thought she was just such a great character, but with what Dafne did, I think that certainly that's possible."

While he wouldn't shed more light on this possible spin-off during the Q&A (courtesy of Coming Soon), this isn't the first time he's spoken about a possible X-23 spin-off. During another Q&A, James Mangold revealed that he would be "shocked" if the X-23 character wasn't developed further, but if that does happen, it will certainly mean that future spin-offs will not be connected to the X-Men universe at-large.

Logan is set in the year 2029, which is five years beyond the prologue in X-Men: Days of Future Past, marking the farthest point in the future fans had previously seen in the X-Men universe. Still, a stand alone spin-off could be possible, following X-23's adventures after the events of Logan, since X-23 and her mutant friends were able to escape, after Logan (Hugh Jackman) bravely sacrificed himself for these young mutants. While 20th Century Fox does have a number of X-Men projects in the works, like The New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix, we haven't gotten any official word about a possible X-23 spin-off.

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Logan was a bona fide box office hit, earning $225.5 million domestically and $606.8 million worldwide, from a $97 million budget, which is quite an impressive haul for an R-rated movie. While this will be the last movie for both Hugh Jackman's Logan and Patrick Stewart's Professor X, perhaps the studio will still continue this future X-Men timeline, set decades before their 90s-set Dark Phoenix reboot that will be moving into production soon.