YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul appears to be so confident in his abilities to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr. in their upcoming bout that he's thrown out a challenge to his next opponent: Chris Hemsworth. Last month, Hemsworth shared a video of himself boxing with his trainer during an intense workout session. There's no indication that Hemsworth wants to start boxing professionally, but with the video going viral on Twitter, Paul volunteered to be the Thor star's first opponent.

"I'll fight him after mayweather," Logan tweeted in response to the footage.

Last month, it was officially announced that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would be stepping back out of retirement to fight Paul in an exhibition bout in February. The news came after Paul had publicly challenged the boxing legend, similar to what he's doing now with Hemsworth, though he used a bit more colorful language. It was enough to get the boxing legend's attention, and after mulling it over, Mayweather was unwilling to let the opportunity to shut Paul up pass him by.

"If I caught Floyd with one punch - one punch - I would snap this f***er in half," Paul told TMZ in November.

"These YouTube girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with cause I'm not the one for the kid games," Mayweather tweeted in response. "3 years ago a fighter from the UFC said my name and I had to put a muzzle on that bitch. @loganpaul can get the same treatment before I go conquer Japan again."

It doesn't seem likely Chris Hemsworth will accept Paul's challenge. The 37-year-old's training has been in part for his role as legendary pro wrestler Hulk Hogan in an upcoming biopic from Joker director Todd Phillips. Getting to the size of Hulk and his "24-inch pythons" meant beefing up more than ever before in his career, including the role of the superhero Thor. Other photos of Hemsworth showing off his muscles have also captured the Hulkster's attention, with Hulk tweeting back in November, "He's ready BROTHER!!!"

Paul might be confident, but he's clearly the underdog heading into his fight with Mayweather. After losing via split decision in his first professional bout against YouTuber KSI, Paul currently stands with a pro record of 0-1. By comparison, Mayweather is one of the sports all-time greatest fighters with a pro record of 50-0. This includes a win over former UFC champion and mixed martial artist Conor McGregor in 2017, which came along after Mayweather had retired from boxing.

The Logan Paul v. Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight will go down at 9 p.m. EST on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021. Hosted by Fanmio, the pay-per-view event is currently listed at $59.99 with the price going up to $79.99 starting on Feb. 11. Every ticket holder will be up for a drawing where 20 winners will get a Mayweather and Paul video meet and greet, and paying extra can also get you an exclusive Paul v. Mayweather t-shirt. You can find out more about the event or purchase your ticket now at Fanmio.