Logan Paul shocked his followers earlier this week when he announced that he is moving to Puerto Rico. While his YouTube followers were certainly surprised to hear the news, residents of Puerto Rico are not happy about his latest decision. Paul's brother, Jake, recently announced that he is leaving southern California for Florida due to tax concerns, which is also why Logan Paul is moving. The two YouTube influencers, who were just revealed to be the most-disliked influencers of all time in a new poll, think that their tax situations will be better when they leave California.

Logan Paul told his followers that he visited Puerto Rico to "scout it out" and says that his decision was fueled by a "fiending for a change in my life." He also noted that he has been "bitten by the bug" to leave Hollywood. "I went out there to scout it, and I fell in love with it," Paul explained. "Obviously, I'm impulsive, and I trust my gut, my instincts. I feel like it's the closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one."

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Puerto Rico residents are not very happy about Logan Paul's announcement, with many claiming that the YouTube star is attempting to evade paying his taxes. One resident says, "You understand Puerto Ricans do not want more tax evading gentrifying Americans who come and play native? And that tax shelter you call a change of life, it's not long for this world. Go elsewhere. Much obliged." One resident put it bluntly by stating, "we will fkn bully you until you leave, don't come here." Plenty of people are telling Paul to stay in California, though residents of the state are applauding his decision to move.

Logan Paul just doesn't seem to be welcome anywhere these days, though there are some people in Puerto Rico who would love to have him living in U.S. island territory. "YES PUERTO RICO!!!!! Logan you have a huge fan base in Puerto Rico believe it or not," said one of Paul's followers. However, the responses to the welcome message are just as bad as the hate that Logan is receiving for his announcement. There aren't a whole lot of people who want Paul in Puerto Rico.

Logan Paul came into the public eye in 2013 when he and his brother Jake Paul began posting videos on defunct social media platform Vine. They soon made their way to YouTube and amassed massive followings. However, Logan came under fire in 2018 when he posted a video of what appeared to be a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara forest. He has since tried to clean up his image, but there are still a lot of people who do not enjoy his antics, including the majority of residents in Puerto Rico. You can check out the announcement above, thanks to the Impaulsive YouTube channel.