If you're a social media influencer with a strong desire to beat up Logan Paul, you may be able to earn $10,000 from the controversial YouTuber himself for doing so. Well known for his ability to upset people en masse for various reasons, Paul has competed in amateur boxing matches in addition to his work with YouTube videos. Now, it's looking like Paul wants to take the gloves off for his next brawl, as he is now looking to have a wrestling match with any influencer -- and there's even a cash prize involved.

"$10,000 to any influencer who can beat me in a wrestling match," Paul tweeted on Monday night. As the YouTuber didn't provide any additional information on the desired bout, it's not clear why he decided to suddenly throw out an offer to wrestle any interested influencer. However, it's apparent that Logan will have no shortage of willing opponents to choose from, as his tweet has generated thousands of responses from people looking to fight -- though he doesn't seem to have yet accepted any of the challenges.

"I'll milly rock your s---," said YouTuber Zach Clayton, who has over a million followers on Twitter. In response, Paul asked, "Who the f--- are you?"

Meanwhile, fitness expert Bradley Martyn responded with the wide-eyes emoji, to which Paul retorted that he was seeking "a worthy opponent."

Another acceptance of the challenge comes from MMA fighter Ben Askren. "I'll pin you in less than a minute, bad hip and all," Askren directly told Logan. Responding to the tweet, Logan told the pro fighter to "chill" and posted an image of a video wherein Askren lost to Jorge Masvidal in a 5-second fight. "S--- happens, you think you can last 1 minute or no?" Askren fired right back.

Given Paul's history of stirring the pot via YouTube and social media, it's hard to say how seriously he's taking this open challenge for a wrestling match. It is worth noting that he did accept an offer to box British YouTuber KSI in an amateur boxing match in 2018. With Paul perhaps performing much better than what was expected by most, the match ended in a majority draw. Logan would later have a rematch with KSI for his professional boxing debut a year later. This time, KSI picked up the win via split decision, with two judges scoring the fight in favor of KSI with a third favoring Paul.

Still, in addition to the infamous suicide forest controversy from Paul's YouTube account, the YouTuber has also been known to generate negative press based on some of the outlandish things he's said on social media and his podcast. It's possible Paul was just looking to take a few verbal shots at these influencers that he really seems to dislike for whatever reason, and that Paul won't actually be getting into pro wrestling as he had with boxing. Should such a match happen, however, there's likely to be a lot of people tuning in with the hopes of seeing Paul get his comeuppance. This news comes to us from Logan Paul on Twitter.