In the days and weeks leading up to the first trailer for the third and final Wolverine movie Logan, star Hugh Jackman, director James Mangold and the sequel's official Instagram account started sending out a number of cryptic images teasing this exciting new story. Some may have thought that these photos would stop with the release of the trailer, but that isn't the case. James Mangold sent out a new image last night, which further shows Wolverine is not the mutant he once was.

The image, which debuted on James Mangold's Twitter, reveals a shirtless Logan, showcasing one of the many scars he has now procured since his mutant healing powers have begun to fade. James Mangold explained in an interview last week that Logan's scars are simply a byproduct of age, and that he can still heal, but there are now scars all over his body from his past battles.

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The last image James Mangold shared confirmed that young actress Dafne Keen is in fact Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23. The story is said to take place in the year 2024, when mutant births have been on the decline and the government doesn't know why. There is reportedly a government program in place known as Transigen, which transforms mutant babies into high-powered killing machines. While we didn't get to see too many of her mutant powers on display in the trailer, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) tells Logan that she is "one of us."

As for Professor X, the trailer showed he is clearly ailing as well, with earlier rumors claiming that, at times, he doesn't even remember who Logan is. There have also been reports that Stephen Merchant's Caliban has been helping Logan take care of Professor X. Caliban was also featured in one of these social media photos, and we got a brief glimpse at him in the trailer as well.

The cast also includes Boyd Holbrook as the villainous Donald Pierce, along with Richard E. Grant and Eriq La Salle in unspecified roles. James Mangold directs from a script by David James Kelly and Michael Green, with 20th Century Fox setting a March 3, 2017 release date. As of now, this mutant adventure will go up against Lionsgate's drama The Shack. Take a look at the latest photo from Logan, featuring Hugh Jackman.

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