Earlier this morning, 20th Century Fox released the second Logan trailer, which featured plenty of new footage of the young mutant X-23, along with mutants Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart). The studio's UK counterpart also released a slightly-extended red band trailer, which featured two new scenes, both of which feature R-rated language, one of which is quite hilarious. If you're averse to F-Bombs, or have young children in your vicinity, you should stick to the all ages trailer for now, but if not, this red band trailer offers a glimpse at what some of the R-rated scenes will look like.

The trailer debuted on the 20th Century Fox UK YouTube, which is structured exactly like the domestic trailer from earlier this morning, although there are two more brief scenes added. The first comes at the 1:13 mark, where Hugh Jackman's Logan sees the young mutant X-23 (Dafne Keen) go on a violent rampage. Instead of just looking on in awe like in the domestic trailer, in this version, he responds to the carnage by stating "Holy f--k." The second scene comes at the very end of the trailer, where Professor X complains about their situation, stating, "Two days on the road, one meal, hardly any sleep. She's 11, I'm f---ing 90."

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Last week, fans who registered on a new website received one of the 1974 frames of the trailer on a limited edition postcard. Many fans wondered if this trailer would then be shorter than usual, since 1974 frames equates to just under 90 seconds, but another report claimed that the trailer would clock in at two minutes and 21 seconds. That report also claimed there were two separate trailers that were rated by the German agency FSK, and it turns out the first was likely the domestic trailer, which clocked in at two minutes and 14 seconds, and this UK trailer, which does in fact clock in at two minutes and 21 seconds, although there are 21 more seconds of promotional filler material at the end of this UK trailer.

As for the footage itself, we also get another glimpse at Richard E. Grant's Dr. Xander Rice, who, in the comics, helped develop X-23's "trigger scent," which would send the young mutant on a murderous rampage, and his father was part of the original Weapon X program that turned Logan into Wolverine. We also get our first, very brief glimpse at Eriq La Salle's character, who is one of the few actors whose character has yet to be confirmed. We only see him in one brief scene, where he's seen laughing around a dinner table with Professor X, X-23 and Logan. It still isn't known if he has any connection to the Marvel comics, but hopefully we'll find out more between now and the March 3 release date.

The supporting cast for Logan includes Boyd Holbrook as the villainous Donald Pierce and Stephen Merchant as Caliban, who helps Logan take care of the ailing Professor X. James Mangold directs from a script by David James Kelly and Michael Green, with 20th Century Fox setting a March 3, 2017 release date. Logan will be going up against Lionsgate's The Shack, The Weinstein Company's Leap! and Open Road Films' Before I Fall. Check out the new Logan trailer with two new R-rated scenes below.