Over the past few days, the official Instagram account for Logan has been sending out a number of cryptic images, some revealing new characters and others just featuring mysterious settings. Today we have another photo that would fall into the latter category, showcasing a truck stop. While this certainly isn't the most exciting photo in the world, director James Mangold has also shared two action-packed storyboards featuring Hugh Jackman's title character.

At roughly the same time that the Instagram image was released, James Mangold tweeted out two storyboard images by Gabriel Hardman, which show Wolverine in action. The storyboard images depict Hugh Jackman's title character jumping out in front of what we presume is a moving car, and slamming his adamantium claws through the windshield.

As for the Instagram truck stop photo, not much can be gleaned from this image, but, judging by past images, this location is most likely in Texas. Earlier this week, Hugh Jackman revealed another strange photo of a smelting plant, which featured his Chrysler 300 limousine that has Texas plates, while another photo that seemingly offers our first look at the mutant character Arcade, featured a sign for an El Paso, Texas liquor store. While we don't know exactly what these images are leading up to, there have been a number of plot rumors that have surfaced.

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There have long been rumors that the mutant clone X-23 will be a part of the story, especially after set photos surfaced with Hugh Jackman seen pictured alongside a young girl. The first official poster revealing the Logan title features the title character's clawed hand holding a young girl's hand, fueling rumors that X-23 will indeed be introduced. There were also rumors that Logan has taken a job driving a Chrysler 300 limousine, which was previously spotted in the previous photos, riddled with bullet holes.

The rumors from last week also essentially confirmed that Logan is at least partially based on the Old Man Logan comics, with Logan said to be "sick," losing his mutant healing powers, using booze to serve as a painkiller. It was also revealed that Stephen Merchant's character is Caliban, who helps Logan take care of an ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart), who, at times, doesn't even remember who Logan is. Take a look at these storyboard images and the latest mysterious photo from Logan, arriving in theaters March 3, 2017.