The Logan promotional train keeps chugging along as 20th Century Fox attempts to match the success they had with Deadpool earlier this year. Since the launch of the movie's official Instagram, we've seen plenty of black and white behind-the-scenes images of heroes and villains alike. Today, we get another look at Hugh Jackman in this Wolverine 3 sequel.

This time, the images come from director James Mangold's Twitter. Hugh Jackman is seen dressed in his limousine driving wardrobe, though he's definitely had better days. He stands in the rain-soaked parking lot of a fleabag motel in Texas. And he's ready for action! How do we know?

Because James Mangold has also shared two new storyboards. The first shows Logan having pulled his limousine up to the Liberty Motel during a downpour. He steps outside the car to take a look at the cars pulled up in front of the shady resort. The second, slightly more exciting storyboard image shows Wolverine with his claws out, ready to attack in the rain.

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Logan marks the end of the road for Hugh Jackman in terms of X-Men movies. After appearing in every single entry in the franchise except this year's Deadpool, the iconic actor will don the claws one last time. This time out, he is playing an aging Mutant who has lost some of his powers. His healing abilities have slowed, and he's not the man he used to be. He soon finds himself tasked with taking care of a decrepit Charles Xavier who borders on dementia and a young mutant girl known as X-23.

James Mangold is directing Logan from a script by David James Kelly. The primary villains are The Reavers led by Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce. It has also been rumored that Mister Sinister will show up. The cast has Hugh Jackman leading Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Eriq La Salle, Elise Neal and Elizabeth Rodriguez. Take a look at the latest sneak peek here.

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