Earlier today, 20th Century Fox held a special preview for members of the New York press, where they got to see early footage from some of next year's most highly-anticipated movies, Logan (March 3, 2017), Alien: Covenant (May 19, 2017) and War For the Planet of the Apes (July 14, 2017). Of all these movies, the studio revealed the most from Logan, with the press shown the first 40 minutes of the film, or the entire first act. We've assembled a number of tweets from press members sent out after the Logan footage was shown, and it seems clear that Dafne Keen's X-23 was a big hit with this crowd.

Probably most important to fans who have been waiting for an R-rated Wolverine movie is that this sequel holds the promise of a very graphic and bloody outing. Mike Ryan of Uproxx says Logan is "VERY violent. Very much rated R". He goes onto compare it to the classic Clint Eastwood movie The Gauntlet. The Playlist also hails the movie for its 'bloody, primal' vibe saying it's the movie that fans always wanted. The site goes onto claim that it "feels more like a standalone X-Men movie, more Western and lone samurai film with faint traces of x-superhero mold."

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Entertainment Weekly was the first to bring word of the event, with the response being called largely positive. Although some remain wary of the film. IndieWire's Kate Erbland revealed she was "cautious" on Logan, while Uproxx's Mike Ryan further stated how "old and sad" both Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Professor X (Patrick Stewart) are, which was depressing, but he "loved it." Inverse's Jordan Zakarin even took a shot at DC director Zack Snyder, claiming that the filmmaker "wishes he could make a movie as dark and gritty" as Logan.

While not all of these critics mentioned X-23, the ones who did seemed to love this mutant character. Entertainment Weekly's Nick Romano claimed that X-23 is his "new Eleven," referencing the Stranger Things character played by Millie Bobby Brown. Fandango's Erik Davis claimed the footage is, "all about that little girl," while SlashFilm's Angie Han says X-23, "steals every scene she's in." Director James Mangold was also reportedly on hand for the event, revealing that his influences for this movie are quite vast, mentioning the indie comedy Little Miss Sunshine, the indie drama The Wrestler and the 1977 Clint Eastwood film The Gauntlet.

These reactions come just hours after a new photo revealed that Richard E. Grant is actually playing the iconic Dr. Zander Rice. In the comics, Zander Rice is one of the men who essentially created X-23, a mutant clone who was created from Wolverine's blood. It remains to be seen how large of a role Dr. Zander Rice will have in Logan, which is partially inspired by the iconic Old Man Logan comics. In those comics, Logan loses his mutant healing abilities and finally starts to age.

We have seen in the poster and several photos that Hugh Jackman's character now has a number of scars all over his body, which never happened before with his mutant healing abilities. Director James Mangold teased that, while he still has his healing powers, they have diminished, and now he has scars in each place he has healed himself. The supporting cast for Logan includes Stephen Merchant as Caliban, Boyd Holbrook as the villain Donald Pierce and Eriq La Salle as an unknown character. While we continue to wait for the March 3, 2017 release date, take a look at these reactions to the 40-minute Logan preview.