Over the past few weeks, either star Hugh Jackman, director James Mangold, or the official Instagram account for 20th Century Fox's Logan has been releasing cryptic new photos from this highly-anticipated movie. Today it's the Instagram account's turn, with a new photo that confirms a long-rumored group of villains known as the Reavers. We also have some new details about the primary villain, Donald Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook.

The Instgram features an actor identified by several outlets as David Kallaway, but who was later confirmed to be Stephen Dunlevy. The Instagram post shows the actor aiming a large rifle at an unseen enemy, with the caption only reading "Reaver." In the comics at least, Reavers were a group of criminal cyborgs who were bent on destroying the mutant X-Men, and they have a particular disliking for Wolverine specifically. This group was formed by none other than Donald Pierce, so it would certainly make sense to see them in this movie, although the Reavers weren't part of the Old Man Logan comic story this movie is partially based on, which could mean that this story is based on a number of different iconic comics.

There have also been new set photos that show Boyd Holbrook on the set with US Army Veteran Matthew McClain who portrays a character known as "burned faced Reaver." The photo also confirms that Donald Pierce will have a bionic arm, as Boyd Holbrook is seen wearing some sort of a brace, with his hand covered by a green glove. There have also been other set photos that have surfaced, featuring Matthew McClain alongside other actors listed as Reavers, Justin LeBrun and James Rawlings.

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There is speculation that the Reavers may also be a hybrid of a group known as Strikeforce X, since the costume worn by David Kallway is quite similar to the Strikeforce X costume from the Marvel Comics. Since this story appears to be based on multiple Marvel Comics stories, there is also speculation that Boyd Holbrook's Donald Pierce may also be a hybrid of multiple villains from the comics, but that hasn't been confirmed. It's also worth noting that one of the earlier Instagram photos did show a severed arm, so it's possible that this arm belonged to Donald Pierce, before he got his bionic arm.

Given these new photos, there is speculation that Donald Pierce and the Reavers may have been hired by the government to track Logan down. There have been previous rumors that claimed the story is set in the year 2024, when mutant births are in sharp decline. It has also been rumored that there is a government program that turns mutant babies into killing machines, which could be the program that the mysterious young mutant girl was in, before Logan takes her under his wing. Many believe that young girl from the photos is playing X-23, but that hasn't been confirmed. Take a look at the latest photos from Logan, as we wait for the first footage to arrive, ahead of its March 3, 2017 release.