Warner Bros. is closing a deal for actor Ryan Gosling to star in the remake of Logan's Run. The studio is also finalizing a deal for Nicolas Winding Refn to direct.

Ryan Gosling just recently worked with Nicolas Winding Refn on the action project Drive, which is set for release sometime next year and centers on a Hollywood stunt driver who also takes on gigs as a criminal getaway driver.

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The Logan's Run remake seems to be finally moving forward after many years of delays. Bryan Singer was originally attached to direct and, most recently, Carl Rinsch was set to direct before leaving the project in favor of Universal's 47 Ronin. Alex Garland wrote the Logan's Run screenplay.

The story is set in a domed utopian society which is protected from the fallout of the 23rd Century apocalypse. Although the residents live in utter peace and harmony, everyone is required to die at age 30. Ryan Gosling will play Logan 5, a "sandman" whose job is to catch those who try to escape their requisite death. As Logan 5 approaches his own death sentence, he goes on the run from his coworkers.

Production is said to start sometime this fall. A release date has not been determined yet.